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United States of America Foster Care System

Updated on August 4, 2017

I believed that we should plan parenthood, the birth control pill, the sex education,

is not working, teenager do not seem to care.  Do you know that over 748,000 thousands children are in the US Foster care system, because of abuse, neglect and or abandonment, over 115,000 children in Foster Care are waiting to be adopted.


The numbers of years a child waits to be adopted is closed to 30,000 annually and the number of

 children who turned 18 and leave foster care system without a family, is just the same.

Those children leave the system with a feeling of  not being loved, they goes out into the

 world looking for someone to love them, and ended up pregnant and subject they babies to the

 same pattern, back into the system.


Do you know that is cost between $160,000 per year to keep one child in foster care, I think it

 time to slow down those unwanted  babies, However, that is a task that the government have no

 control of,  we need to come up withways of making  teenagers see that it not worth it, getting

 pregnant and giving up your babies, and most of the time abandoning them;

Why not gave them an offered, that some of them cannot refused;

Money always work well for some folks, "Promise them $25,000 dollars to refrained from getting

pregnant until they 25th birthday, Someone might asked who is going to paid out this money

 to teenagers to refrained from getting pregnant, "so who is paying the $160.000 per year to

 keep one child in Foster Care?


The birth control pill, the sex education, the various number of leaflets, is not working, so why not

 try this method of control, it might work and it might not, however, if the system can prevent four

 thousands unwanted babies from going into the system, that a plus to the system, and not a

 minus,  and it might gave some teenager girl something to look forward too,  a new start

 twentyfive thousand dollars  down payment, for her first home, a car whatever, she see fit to

 used the money for...and remember not only does it cost $160,000 per year to keep one child

 in the Foster system, it also cost $50,000 to adopted one of them.


   This approached might seem harsh, or even pure malarkey, but according to those statistics,

those unwanted, abused and abandon children, might decrease.

Do we really need to add more children to the Foster Care System.. and do the tax payers need

to be flipping the bill over and over again, let's do something to eliminate this trend.






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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      Thank you for comment also Hillrider, i also see your point, however, these teenager is seeing the Foster care system as they dumping ground, and who flipping the bill

      the Tax payers

    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Sorry my friend but this is a notion I can't in good conscience support. There do need to be reforms but I can't condone or support taxpayers footing the cost to entice kids to be responsible. What is wrong with parents having the responsibility placed back in their own laps rather than making the government and general public accountable ? If you raise your child to be responsible and adhere to these principles, should you then be required to pay money for those individuals who refuse to adhere to similar practices ? That is like saying that because I feed my kids good nutritious meals and another doesn't I should give them money to feed their children properly. NO ... flat out. Time to put the burden where it belongs - on the people having children irresponsibly and dumping these same children on the child welfare system.

      I am sorry because I do believe your intent/motive is correct, we DO need reform, but this is so far from what should even be considered that I must speak out against the idea...

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great write! Thank you for compiling this info. Religious teachings do not do enough. We have many birth control methods. We need to look at this differently. God bless!