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Cold Turkey Potty Training

Updated on March 29, 2016

How's it going?

Thankfully our daycare has been very supportive with our wishes to do the cold turkey potty training method. The only time Sam wears pull ups is during naps and at bedtime. Other than that he wears his big boy underwear. We have several different cartoon characters to keep him excited that he's wearing them, but I don't really think he cares who's on his underwear every day.

Overall it's going well. He still has accidents. At daycare he does AWESOME with not having accidents. The only time he has an issue is when he doesn't push his pecker down while urinating. They use a regular toilet so there is no protector like the toddler potty has. Occasionally he will poop his pants but it's not often. At home he gets really distracted with his toys and has some accidents. But it's not terrible. It's a process, right?

We ended up putting a toddler potty in our living room so we could easily get him on the potty in short notice. We live in a split level home so we have a bathroom down the stairs and two bathrooms up the stairs, but not on the main level.

What I've been working on is getting him to pull his own pants down and go on the potty by himself. With direction he does fairly well. Just this morning he had an accident, and immediately by himself went over to his potty to finish going. We were so proud. Yes, he ended up having an accident but at least he's putting two and two together.

Are we satisfied?

I think we are. I would really like to see him have less accidents at home, but it takes time. We can't believe how well he does at daycare and then has these accidents at home. We've tried to be more proactive about putting him on the potty frequently. It's a team effort. We are also using different incentives for going on the potty. Examples of the incentives include but are not limited to: a jelly bean, a matchbox car, watch a new movie, make cookies, go visit family members/friends.

It's awesome to save money on diapers. We are still using pull ups, but they were given to us by my sister so we are able to save money this way, at least for a little while!

What changes will we make?

If we had to make any changes to our potty training plan I think I would start with creating a potty board game. Every time he uses the potty he can choose a sticker and place it on the game board. Once he gets to the finish, he gets to choose his own prize. I think I'll go work on that right now!

I also think we will take him to the potty more regularly, say every thirty minutes or so? Hopefully he will continue to grow and improve his potty training skills. I'll keep you all posted!

Our Potty Board Game!


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