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Values You Must Teach Your Kids

Updated on October 5, 2017
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A Content writer by profession and daydreamer by birth, Vaaridhi is a creative, optimistic and God loving soul.

While your little bundle of joy is growing up into a responsible human being, there are certain values which only you can inculcate in them while they are growing up. So, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to teach your little ones about values and discipline rather than depending on the school and the teachers for it.

The best and most effective way to teach your little ones about value and manners is to lead them by example. Strive for qualities such as respect, compassion, and honesty within yourself. As kids are great observers, they will soon pick up these good qualities from you as they are good at imitating their parents.

Following are the values you need to teach your kids:

1) Truthfulness

Your kid growing up as an honest individual. What could be the best possible thing than that? I believe, honesty is one of the most important virtues to be inculcated in every child. It might sometimes be terrifying for your kids to be honest, but encourage them and instead of scolding, appreciate their honesty. This is how it will be carry forwarded. Above all, the best way to encourage them is to be an honest person yourself first as kids look up to their elders/parents. This way, they will have someone to look up to.


2) Returning kindness

As they say, “gratitude is the best attitude”. So, teach your kids to be thankful for huge things as well as for the little things. Educating your kids about being thankful and appreciative for what they have will make them happier and content. Always talk good about life and people in front of your little ones, that is how they will appreciate and learn to be positive. Above all, ask them which one thing during the day made them happy? And then ask them to say, “thank you” for that one thing. This is how it will become their habit and later a part of their personality.


3) Strong Affection

Love conquers all, if you have heard of this statement, it’s quite true. Teach your little ones the value of endearment, strong affection and nourish them with love. Exhibit affection towards others in front of your children, besides these, be benevolent enough in showing emotion and kindness towards your kids as well. Now and then surprising your kids with loving gestures, for instance, putting a sweet note in their notebook or making their favorite recipe or doing something they love or wanted to buy since a long time.


4) Respecting and cherishing each life

Teach your kids to respect everyone irrespective of the age, i.e. be they are elder or younger to them. Children learn these values mostly at home and especially from the people who influence them the most and that would be the parents. So mom and dad need to keep a check on their actions as they are being watched over with the walking-talking surveillance cameras. The values taught at home through parents are sustained for a long time. Besides, it is also significant to teach your kids to respect each individual as they are and respect their opinion so that they learn to cherish each person as they are without forming any opinions.


5) Perseverance and Goal setting

It’s essential for kids to know the importance of hope and striving towards achieving their goal. Moreover, teach them to never give up no matter how gloomy the situation is because it is only after striving that they can taste the essence of victory. This way they will always try to persevere and inculcate in them these skills through striving. This skill, not only helps them to be successful in their school, rather the benefits are beyond that, it will help them in their life. Appreciate your kids when they achieve something, but more than anything else appreciate their perseverance, so that no matter what they should keep striving unless they reach their goals.


6) Teaching them responsibility

Responsibility is something that parents intend to teach their kids from their early stages of childhood. Every mom and dad want their kids to become a reliable person once they grow up. Moreover, they want them to be a person of words. The most imperative thing to teach young ones is taking accountability for their doings, whether they are good or bad.


I have jotted down the six important values according to me. Feel free to add the one which is important, according to you in the comment section and share your views with the other parents.

Happy Parenting!


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    • Toycart profile image

      Vaaridhi Vairagi 2 months ago from India

      Don't say you failed and there is nothing wrong with pampering. I am sure you are doing your best and your children must be very happy with you. I don't know the current ages of your children but trust me with time you will realize how wonderful personalities your kids have grown up to be. :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      Boy, I failed at the responsibility part, the rest I had succeed, I pampered my children way too much

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 3 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Good tips