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What's To Expect When You're Expected…At A Baby Shower

Updated on January 11, 2013

Stop: put down the baby sunglasses. You’re going to a baby shower in 2012, not late winter 2006. You need to shop to impress, not shop to show you’re out of the loop. What’s hot at baby showers this year? Well, outside of showing up thirty minutes late and then telling everyone that you just found out you were pregnant and totally stealing the thunder, there are a few must-get items.

1. Burp Cloths. We’re not talking about your mother’s burp cloths here, dear, and nor are we talking about the CostCo bulk packs that have around five thousand for thirty cents. And surprisingly we’re not talking about designer chic either. What’s new and hot this season is eco-friendly. There are plenty of places you can go to get quality cloths, but try to find a place that makes their cloths out of either old plastic bottles or tires. The whole “turning-Evian-bottles-into-stuff” craze may have started with shirts and shoes, but oh baby, it’s totally spread to baby showers. Nothing says that you’re hip like eco-friendly right now. And simplicity is key, too: no fancy colors, nothing sparkly – just earth tones. That’s all you need.

2. Bibs. To this point in your life, you’ve probably only worn a bib to eat lobster and prevent the molè butter sauce from dripping onto your dress, but now it’s time to find some nice baby bibs for your massive mother-to-be. Naturally, Egyptian cotton is a good go-to; you really can’t go wrong there. If playing it safe just isn’t your style, though, then how about looking into something a little more rare, like imitation mink. It may be a little ostentatious, but the modern baby is all about a little bit of daring and flash, not to mention that fur is so in right now. And even though it’s not real mink, just keep that baby away from vegan restaurants to be sure.

3. Trumpette Socks. Finally! My favorite topic: let’s talk boutique chic. You have trendy shoes – that’s an absolute given. Babies don’t need them as much, and they will certainly almost always ruin them when they get them. So what’s the solution? Sock it to ‘em! Trumpette makes socks that are absolutely adorable. For the girls, I have to suggest the Maryjanes. So cute, so simple, but oh so chic, and they come in multiple colors. Don’t you just love it! The Maryjanes even have vibrant colors for the sock pattern and the shoe pattern, which will be sure to turn heads at day care. I’m partial to the popstars myself, especially since they’re unisex – in case you don’t know the gender of the baby, you can’t go wrong! For the boys, the snow monsters offer a super cute argyle print leading down into a simple black shoe pattern. Of course, the Johnny Kids are always a great bet if you get overwhelmed by the choices.

Okay, now you’re ready! Hit up the boutiques and hit up the shower – you’ll be thankful you did!

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What To Wear To Baby Shower

  1. Where will it take place?

    • When figuring out what to wear to a baby shower consider the venue, as well as the season, for the shower. If it is outdoors dress in warmer clothes but be prepared for weather changes. Since game are usually part of many baby shower parties, always dress for comfortably so you can move easily. If your still not sure refer to the invitation to see if they provided tips on the proper attire or you could ask someone you know who might be going. If they are wearing jeans, then I would recommend wearing them as well. If the other guests are unsure, contact the person who is planning the party for guidance.

    Dressier Baby Showers

    • If the event is taking place in a restaurant or banquet hall, wear something you consider appropriate for a wedding, such as a conservative dress or a blouse and slacks in dressier fabrics. Because baby showers are traditionally held during the afternoon, choose lighter fabrics -- and wear layers, if the climate dictates -- in softer colors. If you are attending a baby shower in the winter, use heavier fabrics and darker colors for the bottom half of your outfit.

    Casual Baby Showers

    • If the event will take place at someone's house, opt for more casual attire. Slacks and a feminine sweater or blouse would be appropriate. If you wear a skirt or dress, stick with flats or low heels. If the event will be held outdoors in someone's backyard, it's safe to assume that stylish jeans and a casual blouse will fit in.

    What Not to Wear

    • It is never appropriate to wear an overtly sexy, slinky or revealing outfit to a baby shower. Save these outfits for the nightclub. While dressing entirely in black may be considered chic in some circles, it is appropriate for a funeral, not a baby shower. Do not wear attention-grabbing attire, as it may appear disrespectful. You are attending the event to celebrate the mother-to-be and her new baby, not to show off.


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Funny Baby Shower Gifts

We all enjoy receiving burp cloths, trumpette socks, bibs, strollers and all that other good baby stuff but sometimes people may bring a funny gifts to a baby shower. These gifts will lighten up the mood and bring joy to the guests at your baby shower. When receiving these gifts don't take any offense to them, I'm sure they were just trying to make you smile. They'll also bring a lot of laughs for the guests who attended your party. Here's some of the funniest baby shower gifts that people have received.

1) We all know that when you baby arrives you'll officially have the worlds cutest alarm clock. Congratulations.

2) With Halloween around the corner I thought this would be a great gift to receive.

3) New name for bibs?

4) Who brought the party pooper here, or poopers for those expecting twins.

5) We all know this is hilarious. BYOB!

6) Don't sound the alarm people!

7) If you've seen this shirt on a baby in person, it's cute and funny!

8) YUMMMY! Who doesn't like pizza

9) Small fry, very clever....

10) I'm not too sure if this would be funny or just scare the kid.... Maybe refer to item number 2 on this list before buying this present.

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What's Your All Time Favorite Baby Shower Gifts?

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