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Updated on July 20, 2012

Initially, I may not have thought to bother trying these Woolworths Home Brand Nappies in the black and white packaging as they are super cheap and I just wouldn't have expected the quality to be any good, but a friend recommended them to me, so I gave them a try.

My local Woolworths here in Australia stocks three different brands of Woolworths Nappies.  They are 'Home Brand' in the plain packaging (As pictured on this page) and there is another more colourfully packaged Woolworths nappy called 'Homebrand' (note: As one word) and then there's their 'Select' Brand. I'm wondering if these plain packaged Home Brand nappies are being fazed out, as my local store is now only stocking them in one size.  It's disapointing because they are a brilliant nappy and I can't say the same for the newer (?) 'Homebrand' version which are a completely different nappy altogether, and not one I would recommend!

Actually, these nappies are my favourite. The problem is they are no longer stocking them in my daughters size (At least not in my area) I can only find the Junior Nappies for 16kg and over, which my daughter is not big enough for yet. I have bought a heap in this size though, in case they stop stocking them as well. That's how much I like them!  I purchased them for under $4.00 for a pack of 12. She is wearing Woolworths Select Comfort Fit Nappies for now, which seems like the next best thing!

Home Brand nappies have a silky feel to the material and are very soft compared to other nappies (Such as Huggies). They also have very stretchy and soft elastic in the back so they fit snug. They absorb enough to be used as a night nappy too. They are light-weight and almost fluffy. The thin side tabs also ensure they don't dig into the top of baby's legs when sitting up. I like these in particular too, because of the soft feel of the elastic gathers around the leg area.

They are not the best looking nappy for a little girl, with brown cartoon Bears on the front and blue butterflies (The prints just doesn't seem well colour-coordinated either!) and the leak guards may hang out of some all in one suit outfits at the sides a little, but my daughter is not longer wearing those and I prefer to have her daughter in a comfy nappy over a good looking one.

If I could still buy these disposable nappies in my daughters size, I would not bother looking at any of the other brands. Who'd have thought one of the cheapest nappies would be the best nappy I've found for my baby.

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    • AustralianNappies profile image

      AustralianNappies 6 years ago from Australia

      Yes Emily, I agree! I think they are the best Nappy too. Even better than newer 'Homebrand' nappies, and other much more expensive brands.

    • profile image

      emily 6 years ago

      there are a good looking nappy and i think there the best nappy ever