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Waking Up Sleeping Children

Updated on October 9, 2017

To all parents, have you ever had a problem with waking up your children from his or her sleep in the morning? Having to literally drag them out of their beds just to get them ready for school? Well with what I' about to tell you all about will help solve that problem. It might take some adjusting but eventually it'll all work out for the better. Take it from someone who has kids and have gone through this experience.

It's now morning time and the alarm clock sounds off. You go into your child's room to see if they're awake. If not, pull the covers/sheets off of them and just say their name just once and loud. Make sure that you put a little bass in your voice so that they know you mean business. Once they're up, make sure that they see your hand signals so that they'd follow you out of the restroom.

Then follow them to the front of the bathroom to make sure that they're entering the bathroom and not back into their beds or yours. If so, go back to what I've just mentioned before and start all over again. This process would be easier if you (The Parent) would be ready and dressed just in case it takes longer than normal. This may also be easier for the father to do this for the man has a much more stronger voice. But I wouldn't sleep on women for they are a louder.

Should this all work out, then everyone gets to where they have to go on time. This is not going to be an overnight (morning) success, but within due time it just might work without having to lay a finger or raise your voice with them.

Who gives you much more of a hard time waking up in the morning?

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    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 7 years ago

      While, you may believe this is an effective way, please pay attention to the fact that if you were to be awakened in the morning by a loud commanding voice you would be startled by it. By startling a child, you are actually creating a hatred towards school etc.

      A far easier method is to tickle the sole of feet or pull gently on the toes.