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Walmart Baby Box Subscription Review – Newborn Box

Updated on December 28, 2016
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Whitney is a mom trying to evoke a healthy, happy life for herself and her family.

After getting my Walmart Baby Box Subscription prenatal box, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the subscription for the newborn and toddler stages, but when I received the email that my next box was ready, I decided to let it go.

I received my prenatal box in July 2016. I delivered my son in November 2016, and received my newborn box December 27, 2016. The box was shipped December 23rd.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I haven’t seen too many reviews on the newborn box, but I didn’t have my hopes up based on my prenatal box.

My Walmart Subscription Baby Box Box Included

Estimated MSRP
Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners
1-ounce Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm
1-ounce Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion Sheer Hydration
0.7-grams Cocoa Butter Formula Bottom Butter
Nuby Pacifier 0-6 months Cherry Shape
0.45-ounce Dapple dish soap sample with $1 off any size purchase anywhere coupon
0.03-ounce Aquaphor® Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment
$1.50 off one Stonyfield YoBaby or YoTot Organic Yogurt 6-pack
$3 off one Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Vitamin D or Baby Multivitamin with Iron
Prices were calculated using regular MSRP for the product/piece or ounce multiplied by what was received in the box. EX: 16.9-ounce Dapple soap equals $4.98. $4.98/16.9 equals $0.29 times 0.45-ounce equals $0.13.

Subscription Baby Box Review

Being that I didn’t know what to expect, it wasn’t bad…

But, box wasn’t great either. I’d like to say that 100% I will cancel the subscription so that I will not receive the toddler box, but I can’t guarantee that. My curiosity may get the better of me, and it’s only $5 for shipping.

That said, I was expecting to receive the boxes every three months, per reviews I’d read when I signed up in June 2016. I had pretty much given up on receiving any other boxes, so I was surprised when I got the email with the opportunity to cancel.

With the box in hand, it really isn’t terrible. I’d say it’s a little late to be sending out bottles. In most cases, mom and baby have already figured out what bottle(s) works best. In my case, the Playtex bottles with drop-in liners just don’t work with me. Although, I am pumping, I’m using Avent bottles for feeding and Lansinoh bags for storage. .

The Zarbee’s coupon expires 12/31/2016, which leaves me four days to use the coupon. This is something that Walmart will hopefully check for future boxes that they send out. I probably won’t make it to the store to use this coupon in time, so it sucks.

I’ll definitely use the samples that I received. I love Aveeno and Aquaphor® brands.

And, I’m stoked to try the Nuby pacifier. My son loves the MAM brand, but I have wanted to try him on the Nuby. I’m not sure if he’ll like the cherry shape style because he wasn’t a fan of The First Years GumDrop pacifier, which has a similar shape.

How to Get the Walmart Baby Box

Go to to subscribe to the baby box. They ask a few questions like, the birth/due date, gender, which box you want, shipping information and credit card information. Once you’ve placed your order, you can go in and change the baby’s birthday and gender, so if you’re not sure what gender or if you’ve used the estimated due date, you can update that information when you have it.

But, that’s it. There’s nothing special about signing up for the Walmart Baby Box Subscription.

You can cancel the subscription at any time. They’re supposed to email you before sending out the next box so you can skip or cancel. Your card won’t get charged if you skip or cancel, but if they ship it, you’re getting charged.

Cast your vote for Walmart Newborn Box


Overall, I’d give the Walmart Baby Box – Newborn Box 2 out of 5 stars. I’d estimate the value of my bag to be at least $11.16 plus two coupons, totaling $4.50

Because you have to pay $5 to have the box shipped to you, I expected at least one decent item. I’d say the bottle and pacifier would count for two good items, so that’s a perk. Plus the samples are pretty good.

If it weren't for the Aveeno and Cocoa Butter Formula samples and the pacifier, I probably would have rated this box a one star. I was disappointed that there was a bottle in the newborn box and I received a coupon that expires a few days after receiving the box.

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