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Warning: Sleep Deprived Moms Will Attack

Updated on August 23, 2012

If you do not like the way the house looks get over it. The mess will be there tomorrow or when I decide I want to get to it. If you do not like it, do it yourself.

Some days I stay in pajamas, don't get a chance to wash my hair, I am lucky to have a decent lunch. My daughter is fed and cleaned, she is a little wound up but overall she is happy. Her hair is washed and brushed and she had a good lunch and a few healthy snacks. The baby is clean, with a clean onesie, and fresh diaper. He is quiet now but he wasn't five minutes ago. Leave me alone. I deserve some time to hide for five minutes.

Do not judge me. Sure there is dishes in the sink and the dirty clothes are overflowing out of the hamper. However, there is food in the fridge and plenty of drinks. I haven't slept in days. I am a grouch! If you want to make a comment it could very well turn into a full-blown argument. I do not care who you are.

Whoever said, “sleep when the baby does” must not have had two kids. My toddler never naps. My son barely naps and barely sleeps at night. I am proud of myself. My daughter does not go to bed hungry and my son does not go to bed with a soiled diaper.

Do not try to bring me down. Chances are I will bring you down much faster. Do not mess with a sleep deprived mama bear, you will lose!

Why is it everyone is real quick to judge a new mother? I never could quite understand it. Yes, I have a 5 month old but he takes more time away from me now then he did as a newborn. I am not complaining I love my son. If you were able to watch me you would see too. My kids are my all. When little Alex is playing I am spending time with my daughter. Reading stories, playing games, and doing projects.

I am not your maid if you need something do not leave me a list of things to do. Make a list if you want. But, it will be a to-do list for yourself. My list consists of my children. Get over yourself and be your own person for once. I am going to enjoy this time with my children.


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    • april holland profile image

      April Savage 5 years ago from Florida

      Right on! I also stay at home day in and day out with two children!! As a matter of fact, I have wrote all day in my pajamas!! LOL!! Hey, we know raising kids as a stay at home parent is more than a full time job. People just don't get it unless they are the ones doing it. Sometimes we dont get to take our showers or clean like we need to. You are so right and this is a good article. If no one likes it, who cares. It is your life, your children and a blessing from God to be able to stay home!! God bless you!!