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"Ways parents can tell when their kids are going South"

Updated on October 27, 2011

Going South is in that direction that most parents dread, that their kids may end up going .

“Becoming a failure.”

It does not take a rocket scientist, nor does it take any experience whatsoever.

But in the words of my own mother, and I pray that the Most High God continues to bless her, for all her great words of advice and her no nonsense approach to parenting.

Those types of parenting that has no script and are not rehearsed. During any of her lectures, or scolding always directly relating to the situation at hand. There was this sublime or sometimes verbal confirmation she would receive from her children, the likes of which only great mothers are able to achieve.

There was this saying she uses: that a leopard can never change its spots. So it is most definitely through my mother that I was able then, and still am today, to tap from the lessons of those times and be able to tell with great precision today.

“The ways parents can tell when their kids are heading south”

The reasoning behind a leopard can never change its spots, are the very same meaning given when someone says: if it walks like a duck, chances are, it is a duck.

Kids that are “selfish and Lazy” are undoubtedly the ones that are heading south.

It doesn’t take any experience whatsoever, to be able to quickly figure it out for yourself.

The overall chances of these kids turning their lives around and becoming the types of sons and daughters that you will proudly stand before any tribunal and declare. That these qualities that are being described are not characteristic with my kid,

will take some kind of preemptive strike on you the parent side,

one that’s aimed directly at the heart of the matter.

You will know for sure if you kid is still heading south, or that your new and revised, no nonsense method of approach has hit the spot, been directly on target.

Here are a few of those troubling but also identifying signs.

They are the types of kids that are always “Hungry and Tired” every time they get home from the outside.

They are the types of kids that are very “selfish” you will see them being very nice to you, when they want something, but “grumpy and disrespectful” otherwise.

They hate cleaning, from their own rooms, to all the other parts of their home.

They usually would not learn to do necessary things around the house.

They love to hang out quite often, and are usually not willing individuals

with their parents.

They love shopping for clothes, shoes, vain and material things.

They usually goes to sleep late at night and don’t like waking early regardless of what has to be done the next day.

They love playing video games and are not eager to do their school work.

They are cheap, unreliable, and advantageous to their parents.

If those two main contributors “Selfish and Lazy” are not discover and weeded out immediately during its primary stages! That sick selfishness, sometimes becomes

a demonic possession, which have been allowed to entrench itself deep in the core of your kids.

It will usually have them ending up goinginto the very deep south.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Give Thanks! Exactly those seemingly strict guidelines that past generations are the very same values that are holding everything together, even in these "modern" times we are very much weaker as a people and are also quickly heading south, usually handing the blame to these "modern" times. It's never too late to put in our two bits, once we are able to some how make that distinction as to then and now, we are also able to stand up for what we now know to be good and proper.

      Imagine knowing that something is good for you, but these "times' are stating, not that it's bad, but rather it takes much longer!

      I remember the times when children actually "grew up" whatever it is they are doing now , i'll go as far as to say , no fault of their own, but it's their price to pay.

      Because even children should be wise enough to know. Well the good ones with parent who work hard to try and instill these values, if a situation is not good for them.

      Well thank you mother, she said to me son : a hurry bird never builds a good nest.

      In my recently written piece named. "Whose fault these kids" part(3)

      Yes Jackie the "Rise" up real fast, almost instantly. Want to see a years fly-have kids. LoL

      Today your child , tomorrow your young men /women , but the greatness is you are always their parent!

      Give thanks and Praises every time.

    • profile image

      Jackie 6 years ago

      Today's youth grow up too quickly but lack the maturity and sense of responsibility engrained in past generations at an early age. Life skills are a must!