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Weird and Wacky Baby Shower Gifts

Updated on September 12, 2011

A gift can be a real surprise!

Strange Baby Shower Presents

Weird And Wacky Baby Shower Gifts

My friend and I were talking about her upcoming baby shower and the things she wanted to put up on her registry. She definitely knew the sex of her baby (boy) and had specifically mentioned this in her invitations, so we’re crossing our fingers that she doesn’t get any girl clothes/things for her baby. Surprisingly, I have heard many stories of women telling everyone the gender of their baby and getting gifts for the opposite sex. Even friends who had neutral-themed parties received very “gender obvious” gifts! But those stories weren’t the worst or the funniest, since many were able to give them to someone else or use it at a later date. It was the stories where people got very strange gifts that made me write this.

So what’s the strangest gift you’ve ever received for a baby shower? Take a look at the list below and see how you fared. This is just for laughs, so don’t take anything too seriously! This can also be great for gag shower gifts.

Baby doesn't have hair? Just put on a wig!


Baby locks

Baby Bangs and Baby Toupee

Is your little girl confused for a little boy? Now, your follicly challenged child can walk around with its head-up (that is, if it has learned how to manage walking and holding its head up) and show off its locks. Check out more styles below.


Baby's Nose Stuffed? Suck It Out!


I think the title says it all. What you don’t know is that it’s not a little bulb syringe, but rather a little tube that goes from mom’s mouth to the baby’s nose. Use your own suction to keep your baby snot free! Buy it from below:

Breastfeeding In Public? Give Them Something To Look At


Keep Your Baby's Head Warm

Boobie Beanie

Okay, I’ll be honest, I think this is hilarious and great. This is a knitted beanie for your baby’s head that looks like a booby, so that when you breastfeed, well it looks like you’re just letting it all hang out. This is especially great in public. What’s the best part? It comes in different colors and sizes!



I am all for slings and having your baby in close contact with your heartbeat, but this one just makes you look like you have a head coming out of your chest.


Tinkle Tube

The next one is for parents who expressed a desire to want to potty train early. The Tinkle Tube is designed for little boys who cannot quite get their pee in the toilet, so they need the help of this tube. Yeah.


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