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Welcome to the Hotel for Moms

Updated on September 25, 2013

Mr Mom – Lonestar

Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin

With Arms Wide Open – Creed


Welcome to the hotel for moms, we are so glad that you came.  I know that some of you are worried about the cost but please let those worries go.  Being a mother provides no income so the stay at Hotel for Moms comes at no cost to you.  This is what you deserve for all that hard work that you have done and continue doing all day every day without a break.  Raising children is not easy and you make it look simple and effortless. Here are a few of the things that you can do at Hotel for Moms that you may have forgotten about after having children.

  1. You can go to the bathroom in peace.  How long have you waited to sit in the bathroom without a knock at the door, without someone yelling your name?  Now you can sit in the bathroom for as long as you want there will be no interruption, there will be toilet paper on the roll and not on the floor unraveled.  The bathroom will be cleaned daily but not by you. 
  2. Showers are always warm and uninterrupted.  Again there will be no knocks on the door no needless interruptions.  You will actually be able to think in the shower or just relax in a hot bath.  Imagine actually being able to take a shower and get clean on your own time.  No hurry up showers here. 
  3. There is time to think and do your own thing.  If you want to lie in the bed all day then do that. If you want to sit in front of the television watching the show you choose then you can do that too. If you want to do absolutely nothing or even if you have something you want to do then do it!  This is your time and no one is going to bother you.
  4. The word mommy is never uttered.  You are no longer known as mom.  No one will be screaming your name at all hours of the night and day.  You can be in total silence if you would like or make it as noisy as you want. Don’t worry there will be no children or spouses to bother you during your stay.  Only call them if you want to.
  5. No one talks back.  There are people here to wait on you but don’t worry they do not talk back.  They are here to serve you and if they are not able to respond to your wishes they will try and find a suitable compromise.  Your happiness is important to us. 
  6. You have complete control of all buttons and gadgets.  There are no grubby hands or husband hands grabbing and controlling the remote or other buttons.  You have complete control on what you watch or listen to when you want to watch and listen to it.  Again it’s all about you and what you want.
  7. There is no cleaning. We do all of the cleaning for you.  If you need something washed we have a laundry for that.  We have maids to clean your room and only if you want to do you have to clean up after yourself. It’s up to you whether or not you want to clean. 
  8. There is no cooking.  That’s what we are here for you.  If you want something to eat all you have to do is order it.  However if you want to cook for yourself then go right ahead and do that.  Again it is all about you and what you want or do not want to do.  
  9. You have no responsibilities while you are staying here so do what you want to do and come and go as you please.  During your stay it is all about taking care of yourself and getting the rest and relaxation that you want and need.  Do whatever you would like however you like to you deserve it.
  10. Spoil yourself.  With no responsibilities there is no one depending on you so do whatever you want to do.  Go to the spa and relax or do whatever you have always wanted to do.

Yeah ok so I can dream can’t I?  I need an escape and this would definitely be the place where I would go.  I just want a few moments where I can get through the things I want to without interruptions. Where a thought does not escape my brain the moment I think it simply because I have someone calling for me.  But then again I am a mom and until they are old enough to fend for themselves they are my responsibility.  Hopefully they will pay me back three fold when they get older. For right now I will take those kisses, hugs and smiles as payment.


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    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Thank you!! Hey a girl can dream can't she?!?

    • Haute Coco profile image

      Haute Coco 

      9 years ago from Georgia, USA

      sending this to all my mom- friends.

      im still LMAO!!

    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Thank you Charm! I love how you say your "real" day. lol. I know that feeling after they go to bed and I have time to myself.

    • charm_baker profile image

      Charm Baker 

      9 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Greetings Triplet Mom - wow! This hotel sounds good to me! I'm a mother of only one, and he's been out of the house for a few years now, but I know a good thing when I see it! Besides, I'm also an honorary mom because I have a six-year-old great niece that is literally my shadow. I live in the same house with her, so most of the time my "real" day starts after 8:30 pm (when her day ends and she's off to bed!). I definitely applaud you with 3 little ones. You sound like a great mom. Keep Doing It With A Smile!

    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Thank you very much. So do I. We need to make it happen soon!

    • New Life profile image

      New Life 

      9 years ago from Chandler, Arizona

      This was very clever, I want this hotel.


    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      SP - Thank you very much. Just a moments peace is all we ask lol. Some day though.

      Frieda - Lol I am glad that others can relate!

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 

      9 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Oh do I know the feeling!

    • SweetiePie profile image


      9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      This is a nice hub and I wish mothers can have all this peace and more.

    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Trips - It may be something we need to market nothing like being a spoiled mom!!

    • Trips profile image


      9 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Oh my, this is WAY clever and cute! Wish this "hotel" was part of a chain that included the pacific northwest!! Thanks for the dreamy stay! :-)


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