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Well I wish I could do more

Updated on June 3, 2012

Like a lot of people who know that they have better capacities of handling particular problems and issues in life, I seem to believe that I am simply doing lesser than what I could. Do I have a problem? People I know say that I put too much pressure on myself and that I have impossible expectations of myself. As for me, I think I have these expectations simply because I know my capacities and I actually think I can accomplish more based on those capacities. At this point though, I do not know who to believe, them or myself.

Nevertheless, there is one certain matter about this situation, I am feeling overly anxious about all these matters and I am becoming overly depressed about it. I do not think I can function as much as I was able to work before. It has become a source of loneliness which makes it harder for me to become the mother nor the wife that I wish to be.

Have you ever felt as presented above? If you have, then you are not alone.

Human individuals have different standards they follow for themselves to reach. Notably, one standard specifically spurs out from what the society expects of us and the other source of standard comes from the personal views that humans have upon themselves. Each person has knowledge of his attitude and his capacities; at some point, that knowledge paired with what he thinks the society expects of him creates a source of frustration and confusion at the same time.

The dilemma has become common especially among parents who have been expected to have a great impact on their children’s growth while also providing for their needs. Juggling tasks while at the same time questioning themselves whether or not they are actually able to do the responsibilities they are expected to complete specifically makes it possible for them to be overly exhausted about the situation. The exhaustion then results to their loss of interest in themselves because of the constant questioning of whether or not they are able to define themselves alongside their responsibilities. This particular situation often results to family issues.

Anxiety over these matters has been defined by psychologists to be mostly affecting mothers.

The reason behind mothers being overly concerned about these issues is the fact that the change in the society actually makes a definite course of development that has subjected women not only as home keepers but also as earners. Seeing how the home budget is used, mothers often get anxious hence causing them to lose focus on matters they are primarily expected to respond to which includes family care as a whole.

It is believed that at some point, solving issues of home-related anxiety among mothers and parents altogether would actually reduce the rate of families being broken due to pressure.

What then should parents keep in mind when dealing with issues such as home related anxieties?

This discussion shall be presented on the upcoming hub that is to be completed after this…. Comments on the matter as well as suggestions are then welcomed as part of the completion of this series of self-help articles.


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