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Wet Bags and Other Cloth Diaper Accessories

Updated on August 10, 2010

Many people think of ancient times when they think of cloth diapers because most people use disposable diapers these days.  To even think about doing cloth diapers causes people to raise their eyebrows wondering why someone would want to do that.  One of the reasons is that they are environmentally friendly. As more and more people are becoming conscious of their environmental footprint, a lot more people are turning to cloth diapers. 

Cloth diapers also cost less over the span that your child will be in diapers. They also feel more comfortable on your child's skin (do you wear cotton clothes or some synthetic chemical?)

Lastly, cloth diapering is a lot easier these days than it was just 50 years ago, and even more so than 200 years ago.

Here are some of the accessories that help to make cloth diapering so much easier:

Wet Bags

Wet bags are a type of bag that have a waterproof lining on the inside, so that you can put soiled cloth diapers in them while on the go so that the smell of the dirty diapers, or the actual mess don't get on other items in your diaper bag.

You can get a variety of kinds of wet bags.  Mini trash bag type bags can be used but these are not environmentally friendly.  An alternative is to buy a specially designed wet bag that will allow you to have a fashionable, (and reusable) bag to store your cloth diapers in on the go.

Cloth Diaper Sprayer Hose / Bidet

Gone are the days of having to dunk the cloth diapers in the toilet and scrub. Now, you can simply install a bidet or a cloth diaper sprayer hose onto your toilet so that you can literally blast the dirty contents right off of the diaper.

They are extremely easy to hook up to the toilet (hey I did it, and I have no handy-man skills whatsoever!)  They work pretty much like a kitchen sink sprayer hose, except you aim them at the poo, and the poo blasts right off.

You just need to do a search for cloth diaper sprayers or bidets, just make sure that you find one with a lot of power for those diapers that you forgot about or left until the end of the day to do.


If you haven't wanted to do cloth diapers because you're afraid of poking your newborn with a sharp diaper pin, then you do not need to worry any longer.  A new invention called the Snappie is available that allows you to hook up the front of cloth diaper and keep it secure without having to get any sharp objects next to your child's skin.

It uses a 3 point system allowing you to secure the right and left side, as well as the front.  it features stretchy bands as well as plastic teeth that can dig into the cloth diapers and hold them together.


There's really no more excuses to start using cloth diapers for your child. It will save you money, feel better for your child, and helping out the environment is simply a bonus on top of everything. With all of these accessories such as a wet bag, the cloth diaper sprayers and the Snappie to help you out, cloth diapering really is quite easy.


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