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What Can We Do to Save the Children?

Updated on August 25, 2012

Trying to Ponder a Solution for Horrific Treatment of Children

I usually do not write these kinds of hubs, but today I read three different articles about cruelty of children, some so brutal and severe that it is unthinkable to a rational individual. What makes it so bad is that the many of these stories allege that the abuse and/or death comes at the hand of a parent either directly or indirectly. These stories are not isolated incidents, I read these stories constantly. Abuse of children is not a new phenomenon, however, it seems that this abuse is leading to death more often than ever before, suggesting to me an escalation in types of abuse towards children. Also, I am reading more and more about parents allowing others to reap abuse upon their children willingly. I am appalled at this and really think we as a society need to take a closer look at this problem and ways to help prevent it. I hear so many excuses for this type of behavior -- drugs, victims of abuse themselves, or mental illness. I cannot speak for everyone, but I for one, do not think any of these things are an acceptable excuse for torturing, raping, and murdering others, especially children.

I understand that abuse has been considered cyclical and that those who were abused often become abusers. This is one thing we need to look at proactively correcting. I think children who are abused need extensive counseling and behavioral therapy to help them cope with the repercussions of abuse and teach them that these behaviors are not the norm, nor are they acceptable. I also think that these children need intensive long-term counseling and adult follow-up.

As far as drug usage goes, I do not care how high or how drunk a person is, I am not going to blame a behavior one chooses for bad decision making that cannot be undone. Drugs and alcohol do hinder one's ability to make good choices and make them act irrationally and impulsively at times. However, I do not feel that mercy and leniency should apply to a person who has committed a horrendous crime just because they happened to be under the influence of a substance they chose to consume.

Mental illness is any one of a series of unfortunate disorders that alter mood, personality, and behavior, however, I feel that it is not a justifiable excuse for committing crimes against children. I feel empathy and sympathy for people who suffer from mental illness but I cannot justify deviant behavioral choices that impact the safety and well being of others just in an effort to be politically correct and "humane". Not to compare people to animals in a demeaning kind of way, but when a dog attacks, whether he has impaired mental capacity or not, is he not put down so that he does not have the opportunity to attack again?

I know many of you do not believe in the death penalty for many reasons. Some view it as inhumane. Others say only a deity (God) has the right to ultimate judgement. Some oppose it because they feel people have it in them to be rehabilitated. Some people feel that perpetrators should suffer by reliving their crimes daily in prison until they die a natural death. I am a believer in capital punishment. I even think that capital punishment should be publicized like it once was (old west style public hangings). I think that it might be a powerful deterrent for those considering child molestation, rape, or murder. Well first of all, when you rape a four year old and have pictures or videos of it on your cell phone to satisfy yourself sexually over and over again, I have no doubt in my mind that rehabilitation would be unsuccessful. I also doubt that a person who could do that would feel remorse because if they had the capability to feel empathy, they would never commit a crime as heinous as this to begin with. I have seen cases of people on death row repenting and accepting religion days before their death. Is this true spiritual cleansing and rebirth or just someone facing death who accepts faith and religion just "in case" they can go on to a happy ever after? I venture to say that they probably are like the thief that got caught -- sorry they were caught but not at all sorry for the crime. I am a peaceful, non-confrontational kind of person and I believe in treating people good and the way you would have them treat you. Saying that, I also believe that the death penalty as it currently stands in the United States is too kind, gentle, and humane to be effective. I also think that it takes much time too for justice to be served. I understand preponderance of evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt guilt, and the right to fair trials and appeals, but when someone sits on death row for decades prior to execution, that is really not a strong deterrent to future molestors, rapists, and murders.

I think we need to stop worrying about political correctness and start worrying about protecting our children from physical, mental, and sexual abuse, torture, and murder. I think we need to work as a society to improve parenting skills and abuse counseling, as well as medical care and intervention for individuals with mental illness. You know, our government requires education and licensing for us to operate a motor vehicle, why is it that something as important as being a parent does not require at least some education? (Maybe while in the hospital to at a minimum inform parents of how to deal with situations when they become overly frustrated with their children.) Something to definitely think about.

Note: This hub was not meant to hurt any feelings or step on any toes. If I did, I greatly apologize. I am just absolutely sick of seeing how badly people treat innocent children and how they always have some excuse for why they did.

Check out these articles if you wish:


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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 

      6 years ago from Sittingbourne

      My dear beccacooling,

      Abuse of the child or the weak is never acceptable under any circumstances. You can sometimes understand the reason but never make excuses.

      I was one of the wartime babies of the 1940s and had parents who neither understood child care or had experienced a childhood themselves. I am not making excuses for them but they had gone from the deprivation of the depression straight into the horrors of merciless war. Every night in the UK the sirens would wail and for hours death and destruction would rain from the skies while the population would scurry in the rubble trying to find some sanctuary. The men (my father was a fighter pilot) would learn to fight a war not only for their own survival but for an unknown family they may not have seen for years. When eventually they returned home (assuming any of their family had survived ) they were brutalised, lacking in any compassion and with no idea how to become a happy family.

      The years pass and their children (me included) try to understand how to be parents and possibly over-react the wrong way. The drug eras of the 60-80s take over and a large proportion of us dissolve into carefree, drug induced nothing - children - what are they? We now have a section of society who knows nothing about parenting and cares less. What can the child do ? They are like a little puppy who comes back to the abuser time and time again because it knows no different.

      I don't know the answer other than to take the children away from danger and to punish the parent - but what does that really achieve ?

      Kind regards Peter

    • beccacooling profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Southwest Georgia

      I definitely appreciate her efforts & offer kudos for performing such a difficult but rewarding & honorable job. I just know also that hands are often tied by red tape & that's where I feel change is needed - policy & procedure & stop giving child abusers & pediphiles second chances to hurt more kids. Thanks for the support Chuck & tell your friend "thank you" for me.

    • chuckd7138 profile image

      Charles Dawson 

      6 years ago from Bartow, FL

      I have a friend in Florida that earned her degree in Social Work with a concentration on Child Protection. She now works for DCF and drives all over a large area of Florida investigating these situations. While it is sad and sickening to know that people are abusing children, it also nice to know someone that is doing her best to stop it.

      Thank you for sharing this hub!


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