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What Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?

Updated on February 25, 2013

It's A Girl

Once upon a time, not so long ago in fact, my wife gave birth to our second child, who to our surprise turned out to be a little girl.

The surprise wasn't the fact that my wife had given birth, after all she had been pregnant for around 9 months, but rather the fact that we both thought that baby was going to be a boy due to a small appendage which was seen on the ultrasound scan prior to the birth.

The other fact that led to our surprised expressions was that girls are a very rare occurrence in our family, with 14 male cousins and only one female cousin, Jennifer was only the second female born into a male dominated family

Just to prove the point my wife and I went on to have 2 more boys making three boys to one girl.

Daddy's Girl And Mommy's Boys

Daddy's girl with her 3 brothers smiling for the camera.
Daddy's girl with her 3 brothers smiling for the camera. | Source

Scared Of Being A Dad

When my eldest son was born I tried to be the best father that I could be to him, I helped with all aspects of his up bringing such as bathing, feeding, winding and even changing his diaper when my nose told me it needed changing.

My wife and I shared the workload between us and we worked well as a team trying to give our son the best start in life that we possibly could, we even took alternative nights getting up for feeds and changing.

My son was thriving and I was learning more and more every day about his basic needs. My wife, my son and myself were bonding and growing stronger as a family every day.

Scared Of My Baby Girl

When my daughter was born, 18 months later, it came as a surprise to both of us that she was a she and although I was the same person and tried, as with my son, to be the best father that I could be to her I just didn't feel right about changing her diaper or bathing her.

Scared really isn't the way I felt, it was more of a paranoia that set into my mind and in the first few weeks I refused to change her dirty diapers or bathe her, I felt that it was inappropriate for me to even consider touching her below the waist. I am sure that most fathers who have baby girls feel the same way.

I eventually got over my paranoia because it just wasn't fair on my wife having to do almost everything for our daughter by herself, changing bathing and getting up every night of the week for feeds and changing.

Although still self conscious and ensuring that my wife was watching my every move I changed my daughters dirty diaper, on the same day again with my wife still supervising at my request I gave my daughter a bath.

Eventually the paranoia left me and I was doing all of the same things with my daughter as I had done and was still doing with my son without supervision.

Daddy's Princess

Daddy's girl used to always come to daddy for kisses and hugs,
Daddy's girl used to always come to daddy for kisses and hugs, | Source

Father Daughter Bonding

From early on it was clear that Jennifer was going to be a daddy's girl, just as it became clear that Robert, Bryan and Jason favored their mother.

When she cried, 9 times out of 10 she wouldn't settle down for anyone but her daddy, when she fell over it was daddy that she would run to crying, if she had some news form kindergarten she told it to daddy before she told mom, if she wanted a cuddle she came to daddy first, it was daddy she wanted to tuck her into bed at night with a story, the same as it was for mommy with the boys.

Please don't read this the wrong way, I love all of my children equally and have a great relationship and bond with my sons as well as my daughter and I would go to the ends of the earth for any one of my children.

Jennifer always chose her daddy over her mother, if mommy said to her "You should wear a coat outside because it is getting cold," Jennifer would turn to me and ask if I thought that she should wear a coat.

Daddy couldn't even sit on the sofa without Jennifer snuggling up to him, and all of this lasted up until just a few months ago just after her 14th birthday.

Daddy's Little Girl Grows Up

Daddy's girl would rather be on her cell phone or computer messaging her friends these days.
Daddy's girl would rather be on her cell phone or computer messaging her friends these days. | Source

What Happened To My Little Girl?

All of a sudden my little girl grew up, one minute she was daddy's princess, next minute I was demoted to the guy who embarrasses her in public and in front of her friends, one minute we are walking down the road her arm linked with mine, the next she is at least 10 steps in front of me not even looking back to talk to me.

She used to be proud introduce me to her friends when we were out, now if she sees her friends in the street when she is with me, she will either try to avoid them or ask me to wait for her somewhere out of site while she goes and speaks with them and if asked who that guy is she answers "Oh that's just my dad."

At home things are different too,she used to be helpful around the house, washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and asking if we needed any help with other chores. Now though if we ask her to do something to help her attitude stinks, a loud "Huh," then a few minutes of mumbling under her breath before she eventually asks "What did you ask me to do again?"

She barely talks anymore, she would rather be on her laptop or cellphone talking to her friends that contemplate speaking to her siblings or parents.

My advice is useless these days, if I say that she needs a coat to go out as it is quite cold she will ignore me and message one of her friends and ask them if they think she needs a coat.

I have been made reduntant from a couple of jobs in the past but I never ever thought that my own daughter would make me feel reduntant as a father.

Still Daddy's Girl

Although my little girl is a big girl now and doesn't rely on daddy as much as she used to, there is still a glimmer of hope that she still loves her daddy just as much as she ever did.

When she is upset, she still comes to daddy for comfort and hugs, when she cuts her finger or hurts herself she still comes crying to daddy, when she has news to tell she still tells daddy before mummy and on the rare occasion she will feel the need to snuggle up with daddy on the sofa.

No matter how old she gets or how distant she becomes she will always have daddy here to turn to when she needs him and in my heart she will always be daddy's little princess.


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    • abbykorinnelee profile image

      Abigayle Malchow 

      5 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

      I just wanted to say (being the daddy's girl) that you are never grow out of it; once one always one.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 

      5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Excellent hub and I sure can relate to you and your feeling. I too wrote a hub on daddy's little girl all grown up. My daughter will always be daddy's little girl as your daughter will always be your little girl. In May 2012 my daughter got married and I have to say, walking her down the aisle broke my heart that I was losing her, but in reality I was just gaining a son in law and not losing my daughter. You know, they all have to grow up , but they still respect us as their daddy. One week ago my daughter had her first son and to see my little girl having a little baby boy being born really blew my mind, but like you said, no matter what they will always be our little girl. Great hub and well written my friend.


    • Melovy profile image

      Yvonne Spence 

      5 years ago from UK

      Jimmy, I could relate to what you wrote here - though in our case our eldest daughter was always Mummy's little girl. This changed just after she hit 14, just like your daughter. I found it hard at first, but gradually found ways to be with her on her terms and now, almost a year on, we generally get on fine. She doesn't always want to come places with us, but just as often she does. Like your daughter, mine turns to me if she is upset or confused and I think that is really important. It shows they know where to get true support - many of their peers do not.

      Hang on in there, it sounds like you have a great daughter!

    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 

      5 years ago from USA

      It's wonderful that you have such a close relationship with your children, especially your daughter. The teen years are tough on parents as well as the kids. As teens struggle for independence and try to act more grown up, they want to keep parents at more of a distance, but never fear, she will always and forever be Daddy's little girl!

    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools Hogg 

      5 years ago from North-East UK

      Jimmy, this rang so true for me too! My daughter is 18 and between the ages of 15 and 17, it was like we lost her completely. I was bereft to be honest and wondered what was going on because she had been really close to both me and my husband. A friend with a daughter told me 'little girls go away from you...but they always come back' and she was right. She is back to her normal, loving, friendly self but it's been a strange time. Like your daughter, she is more attached to her iphone than me, but that's just the way of the world now. AND....she still borrows money so smiles more often when that's a possibility :o)

    • torrilynn profile image


      5 years ago

      hi jimmy,

      i know exactly how you feel as a dad

      my dad felt the same way about me growing up

      it was hard but he dealt with it as time passed on

      it will get easier

      best of wishes and voted up


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