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What I Learned about Motherhood

Updated on February 12, 2015

Motherhood Should Come with an Instruction Booklet

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be sitting here writing about the lessons I have learned from being a mother. Oh how everything was so much simpler when I was young, single, carefree and living on my own. With the surprising news of my pregnancy as well as the birth of my son I had become an instant expert on formula, diapers, and Disney Jr. Through becoming and expert I also had my failures like installing car seats, balancing baby with sleep, and daily household management. I just wanted to share with you fellow moms the hilarious lessons that I have learned since becoming a mother.

Unconditional Love

The Overwhelming Flood of Emotions

Not only did I have to quickly adapt to the behaviors of a toddler but I also had welcome a complete stranger in my life who slowly took over our house. It was weird how my boyfriend and my I had a house filled with video games, magazines and junk food too now being filled with baby toys, books, children's DVDs and a stack of diapers as far as the eye can see. To make things even weirder, our newborn looks exactly like me, Carson has very little resemblance to my boyfriend. Trust me I went through six months of everyone questioning me to make sure that Chris was the father, damn did that get annoying. I had a very easy delivery, but the next day in the hospital I fell and tore my groin muscle which was beyond unpleasant as well as painful. So on top of being in pain I also had to deal with the beginning of sleepless nights which surprisingly quickly forgotten every time I got to stare into my newborn sons eyes. I immediately realized how blessed I was to not only be a mother to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, but to also be an instant stepmother to my overly energetic stepson.

Patience should be sold in bulk

Having extremely large doses of patience

I have never in my entire life been a patient individual before my son was born and he took over my life. Not only was I a first time mom to a newborn, I was also a first time stepmother which mean't I needed to develop twice the patience. So with a screaming newborn and a tantrum filled toddler, I had to learn quick to keep my cool, and that large doses of patience is absolutely crucial in making sure my sanity remained intact. Patience I have learned is more than a virtue, it can actually make you an utter saint. Patience is the one thing you can never have enough of.

Carson Denny at 5 weeks old

Diapers and Formula and Wipes... OH MY!!!

You can never have enough diapers and formula

Just like having endless amounts of patience, I also learned that you can never have enough diapers in stock and containers of formula in the pantry. Oh, don't forget the baby wipes because they come in handy especially when you notice that they serve more than one purpose. All hell unleashed the first few months that Carson blessed us with his presence. Not only was he going through diapers like crazy but my toddler at the time wasn't close to being potty trained so I had twice the amount of diapers to stockpile. Thank god for Amazon Mom and having diapers delivered to the house every month at a low price because getting to the store was nearly impossible. Thank you Amazon Mom, you have been a life, money and time saver.

My beautiful children

What lessons have you learned from motherhood?

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Doctors, Medications, Vaccines

Meet my new best friends: Baby Tylenol and the First-Aid Kit

When I was single I didn't give a second thought to getting regular check ups with my family doctor, take vitamins or even get a flu shot. The second I became a mother all that changed, I became overly crazy about doctors appointments, completing all required vaccinations and even learning proper dosages of medicine. I made sure that my medicine cabinet was fully stocked with baby and toddler medicine (with the approval from my doctor) and having several first-aid kits in an arms reach in our house. You will not believe the amount of bandages, anti-bacterial cream, and Tylenol; I didn't realize how truly adventurous and rough boys can be until had two boys myself.

Household Management

You are the boss of the house, don't let the house be the boss of you

I swear taking control of your house is a secret talent that needs to be untapped. I do my best to keep up with the house, I have yet to master my cleaning schedule I have posted on the fridge in hopes that if I saw my cleaning calendar it would be easier to follow. Attempting to be a good girlfriend is already a huge responsibility; being a good mother on the other hand demands so much time and energy. Plus you need to factor in work, school (which I plan on going back to finish my nursing degree), and crocheting (sorry my only hobby I refuse to sacrifice). Once the housework is done, you need to find some mommy-alone time to recharge your battery.

Saving for Education

School is not cheap, its the newest form of theft!

All I can think about is when the boys get older is college. Recently, Chris and I have started saving money in their own bank accounts and depositing $50 a week (that's all we can afford right now), because with slowly putting money away we believe that it will all add up in the end. Chris and I value education in our family and want only the best for our sons, we hope to send them to the best school so they can get the most out of their education.

Enjoy the Motherhood Roller Coaster

These are just a few life lessons that I have learned from motherhood. Hopefully this article not only brings a smile to your face when reading my trial and errors as well as make you realize motherhood is like riding a roller coaster without being strapped in. Motherhood most definitely has its highs and lows, but just remember to enjoy the ride. I hope to hear some of the lessons that you have learned.


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