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What to expect when your child starts School.

Updated on April 18, 2015

ABC'S and 123's What you need to know about Kindergarten

So I thought that I had a jump start for my son , i had taught him how to right his name, he could write it pretty good CHARLIE he wrote across the paper some letters were bigger and some were smaller sometimes they were backwards,but he wrote his name. As a mom I was really proud and found it unbelievable that he could write his name. I also taught him his colors he could recognize all the different colors and shapes and count to ten. Then he started Kindergarten I couldn't believe what he had learned in the first month I rejoiced the first time he cut out a circle, at home he would just cut up paper but it didn't have a shape.

Also the social interaction was great he had so many best friends from school, We have a big family with lots of cousins plus Charlie had 1 younger sibling, at the time so he was very sociable but now he had his own group of friends from school it was quite a step and I thought that it was wonderful that he had adjusted so well.Things that I hadn't really expected, some sayings that I wish he hadn't picked up lol.although could be worse like "OH poop" he would say because he heard it from a friend at school. Or one of his friends Jason taught he how to blow up his lunch bag and slam his hand down and pop it.

Fundraisers,Donations,field trips,school pictures oh my..I didn't realize that going to kindergarten would cost parents so much money It seems that each week we are sending my son to school with money lol. Although I am sure this is a over-exaggeration.Although one thing that surprised me is all we needed to buy was a backpack for him to start as far as school supplies.

Do you long for kindergarten for the plays and concerts. Do you imagine your little star on stage and you and your family in the front row seat with your cameras ready, that dream hasn't come true yet for me my son was a 5 minute part of an entire elementary holiday concert. I called all of our family to come to the school and he was on stage for 5 minutes and we didn't arrive early enough so we stood in the back pushed together like sardines in a can and couldn't get a picture. Although I was still very proud and wouldn't have missed it for the world.I was told that they do more in that line in the first grade.

My son loves arts and crafts and at school it opens up a world of creating.I thought it was really cool he came home one-day he had made me a pink pinch-pot..I thought that was amazing my 5 year old making pottery. Also He painted his own Picasso of the likeness of his mom.It was really great and better than I think I could make. I love how kindergarten gave him the chance to create stuff beyond crayons and play-dough and lets them explore more culture than ever imaginable.Did you know that they did scratch art in Kindergarten?

Snack-Time--So not that my children are junk-food junkies but once in a while they like there cookies and sweets, well if your child is starting Kindergarten don't send them in with sweets not even on Valentines, I believe in healthy snacks but I think that sometimes it would be nice to send cupcakes to school on their Birthday/holidays. their was the time I forgot the spoon with the pudding.Well we are parents we are allowed to mess up sometimes.

School Bus So When I was a kid I remember running up to catch the school bus, they would stop in front of the house beep the horn and I would run. Not now-a-days not in our town anyway, with my son school bus if we we're not standing right next to the road right on time(which was any time between 6:45-7:00 he wouldn't stop he won't even slow down, as a matter of fact we were standing out there one day and watched him drive right by us and not slow down. Oh well I guess it just keeps us hopping in the morning.Just be prepared that some days your school bus might be late and instead of standing out in 2 feet of snow and subzero weather if you suspect that there might be a delay call the school bus line which you can get from the school secretary.

Emotions of a mom of a Kindergartener-You don't realize before they start school that the first day of school or little steps can make a mom very sappy and emotional. Like the orientation day when they take the kids from the parents and you sit through a 2 hour lecture.Try not to cry too much if your child is very independent like mine he went with the teacher and never even looked back. But I think as parents that we shouldn't think of it as losing our babies, we should just be very happy about the little person that they are growing into.

Germs spread quick in Kindergarten

My son hardly ever got a cold he might have got a snifle every now and again and an ear infection but when he started kindergarten he picked up a lot of cold germs didn't really expect to happen although it is a fact of life that cold germs spread. I am a little more prepared now and have made Charlie more aware of how to avoid getting these colds like a lot of handwashing after playing or other activities at school. I also never thought to tell him not to drink or eat other children's food. I know this is something I was surprised that I didn't think of. Now Charlie has not caught as many colds at school and I think being prepared and having your child aware is very important.Although I had to learn the hard way after colds and Conjunctivitis I hope that this will help someone else be more aware.

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      true, first thing is money for the books, worksheets and donations which are compulsory. If you don't donate, you can't get the books. It is by force. $200 donation is a LOT !

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thank you for your comment I am glad that you got a chance to read it and you liked it best wishes