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What I want for my daughter and yours.

Updated on December 29, 2014

More than motherhood

I love my daughter and I want great things for her. Make no mistake, I want her to grow up to know the endless joys of being a mother, but that is not my only goal for her. I do not aspire for her to grow up simply to procreate and repeat the cycle.

When our children are babies, we can't wait for them to talk and walk. We spend great amounts of money in their early years exposing them to new things so that we can watch them experience new, wonderful joys that life has to offer.

I have a friend who took her six month old baby to the zoo because she couldn't wait to see her reaction to the animals. I smiled to myself, having children of the age where they actually knew what the zoo is, I knew how silly it was, though I know I had done the same thing. A baby has no idea where they are or what these "animals" are. But that is what we do because we can't wait for our children to grow and to watch them experience life.

And so for me, that ambition for my children does not diminish over time. I want my daughter to grow up and experience life. I want her to find new hobbies, meet new people, I want her to get a great education, find something she is passionate about doing and do it. Not for financial gain or to be career oriented, but for her to truly love each day. I want her to find a life of purpose and promise. I want her to have friendships and know and understand what it truly is to be a friend and to have friends.

I want her to see the world God has created and for her to know that life is not limited to our family, small town or even our country. But that God has created a wide world of wonders for her enjoyment. I want her to be in awe and explore his creation. Both the things God has created and the things he has given man the wisdom to create.

I want her to know the joy of falling in love. The passion as well as the heartbreak - because that is what builds our character. I want her to find a lasting love, a strong dependable man who is crazy in love with her.

I want her to have a strong love for God and a clear understanding of who she is and who God wants her to be. I want her to have the courage and confidence to change the world and stand up for her beliefs. I want her to stand against injustice and be an encourager to the least of these. I want her to walk down the aisle, beautiful in her white flowing gown, as her father and I give her away to a wonderful man who loves God even more than he loves her. I want her to travel with him. I want her to build a home and a life together with him. And yes, I want her to know the joy of motherhood. It is one of God's greatest gifts. But as you can tell, this is not all I want for her, it is just one of many, many things.

For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

— Isaiah 55:9

For your daughter too

As I want these things for my daughter, I want them for all women. I want us to know that we are not exclusively mothers, or sisters or wives. We are not one thing with only one purpose, but that God desires for us to have a full life, with many blessings. I want women to know that they are more. They are God's daughters. And as I want great things for my daughter, He thinks even higher and greater, and wants all the more for each one of his daughters.

No life is not limited to motherhood. It is just one blessing that God has given us, a great one. And just as he wants more for us and you want more for your children, you must be the example and want more for yourself. Not more stuff, just more life, love and joy.


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