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How To Teach Your Child To Be On Time Every Time

Updated on September 4, 2015

Teach Your Child Time Management

You know the routine. You have children and everyone must make it out the door by a certain time in order to be to your destination as scheduled. If you are flustered as many parents are then good for you for seeking a solution. The management of time is a very important skill that needs to be mastered in childhood. Without this ability, their life as adults will be greatly impacted in a negative way. The truth is that many parents do not attempt to teach time management to their children at all. This is mainly because this set of parents do not understand themselves how important this is and have not master time management themselves .

Even though you desperately want to teach your child the value of managing time, you may not know how to begin. With this being said what works for a young child will not work for a older one. It must be age appropriate.


Toddlers and preschoolers learn through play. This means you should use a method of play to learn with them. For this age group, make use of a simple kitchen timer. By using a timer you will be creating an appropriate method for your very young child. It is a game. When your child has a simple task, set the timer. Tasks that you may elect to assign to a young child will be things such as getting ready to go to bed, picking up their toys, or washing their hands before meals. While the children will love the timer game, be sure to set the timer for plenty of time to get the task completed.

Remember that this age of children are very young. With this being said, discipline because they did not complete tasks before the timer goes off, may be out of line. Work with your child and be patient. Small children love to please their parents. If they feel that they are doing a great job they will be more excited to continue to improve. Your child will continue to pick up speed over time. You are setting a habit in this stage that will be built on over a period of time. There is just something about a sticker that children absolutely love. Be sure to reward your child for their effort.

Elementary Children:

The method of a timer will also work great for this age group. However, if you have used this for the toddler and preschool group, the effectiveness may be growing old. Begin to communicate with your child how important it is to manage their time and not to be late. With this consequences of being late must always be emphasized. When your child approaches the age of 8 they will be more equipped to begin to manage time.


Teenagers are the age group that you must spend time making use of your verbal communication. It is imperative you set the example for them that you expect them to follow. Your teens are watching you. They will see if you are measuring up to what you are requesting of them. When a teen falls into the trap of poor time management, some sort of discipline should be considered. When it comes to school your child must tend to their school assignments in the proper manner. This includes the “dreaded” homework. There are test to study for in this age group as well. The proper management of time when at home as well as at school is vital. It is important for teens to have time for their friends, TV, and electronics, but these activities must be limited and if limits are not followed when warned, consequences must be put in place by you the parent.

If your teenagers do not master the skill of time management while in high school, they are not prepared for college. In college you will not be there. It will be totally up to your child to study, do their homework, attend classes and make it there on time.

As we mentioned through out this article, there are many simple ways to teach your children time management. With a little thought you will be able to come up with even more ways. When this skill of proper time management is learned this set your child up for success.


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