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What Kids Can Make From Paper

Updated on December 8, 2008

Why Paper?

Paper is great, affordable, easy to work with and ecological material. It doesn't require many tools - usually a ruler and scissors is all you need.

Paper is very good for kids because it they can hardly heart themselves working with it, it allows to be painted and they can fail as many times as needed - since paper is cheap.

If you want to teach the kids to be frugal and reasonable, you can let them play with recycled paper or just sheets that are used for something no longer needed - i.e. sheets with something printed on them.

Continue reading to see what kinds of stuff can your kids make from paper. 

Origami Craft

Origami is an ancient Japanese art for making animals, buildings and other stuff entirely of paper. Most oriogami models are made from square sheets of paper and by using only folds. Only the more advanced models include cutting some parts but almost never joining with glue.

Origami is very nice, but can be too advanced for small kids. It's also often considered an art so not all the kids get equally keen on it.

If you are interested, learn more about origami

Paper Vehicles

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural vehciles... All these toys can be made of paper. This often includes cutting a lot of parts, sticking with glue and painting.

Designing your own car or motorcycle (or any other vehicle) can be quite hard even for you, not to mention your kid. So it's recommended not to start from scratch but to use papercraft books. They include pre-designed model that have to be cut directly from the book. Often the models are painted, but sometimes the kid has to paint them. 

Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are great for several reasons:

  • They are simple and relatively easy to build
  • Usually they can fly
  • The kid can learn basic aerodynamic while playing

Some paper airplanes are made following the origami craft principles while others are joint by several parts. You can follow the link to learn more about making paper airplanes

Paper Buildings

If you would like your kid to become an architect, why don't you check whether he or she is interested by giving them to build paper buildings? The kid can try to build houses, bridges, towers, industrial buildings, religious buildings and everything that comes to your mind.

Just like with the vehicles, it's unlikely that a child or even you can design a complex project yourself. So you can again look around for good papercraft books to start with. 


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