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Asking the Question, "Is Anger Worth the Trouble?

Updated on May 6, 2013

Cancer of the Spirit

Anger, cancer that kills relationships
Anger, cancer that kills relationships | Source

Russian Road Rage

Components of Anger and Ways to Deal With It

What Makes You Mad?

I was listening to a radio show the other day. The host and guests were talking about a novel whose character was doing research into the things that make people mad. His question to people on the street was this: “What gets you angry?” That got me to thinking.

What’s so important, in my own day to day living, that I need to get angry about? I know that anger turned inward is depression. I don’t have that, generally. But I am really wondering….

Anger is a response to the perceived loss of control that a person experiences a various times. the los of control may be due to external factors such as a beligerant boss, an uncooperative client or even an oppositional child. Whatever the case, this sense that one's power is being usurped is a contributing aspect of anger.

If one is mindful in the understanding that anger is nothing more than an emotion which rises and falls like the tide, control is available. The mindfulness idea helps anger elimination when coupled with Choice Theory realizations. All people do is give and receive information. what one does with the information is up to them. All people have at their core, the desire to get their needs met. As a result, their behavior is the best attempt at getting those needs met.

How does thin information relate to American life? "The American people are not equipped to handle hard times. We are incredibly spoiled." According to Alex Jones of Info Wars. Americans are used to being in control. They are used to calling the shots. There are too many statistics to comment on relative to why American people are angry.

Politics, environmental concerns, safety, and values are but a few of the reasons given when people discuss their anger. When one listens to neighbors, news reports and commentators, it is apparent that themes of distrust, hopelessness and despair are evident in each life. This all relates to one concept. Loss of power.

Think about the loss of personal power in the sense of a sump pump shutting down in the middle of a rain storm. The anxiety and dread one feels is akin to that of the person who realizes that here is not hope for the future. The blackness and the sick feeling of worry as the rainwater begins to creep to the top of the sump system is almost like emotional upset individuals feel when they realize that the government is not about helping citizens, it is about using those citizens to provide fodder for cannon, and grist for the mill of low level wages.

What then is the answer? The only possibility out of despair is HOPE! Understanding that one can only be present to those immediately around him is a place to start. While blogs and internet access make the world community accessible to even people in severe circumstances, the true opportunity to touch lives comes from talking to neighbors, wishing "Good Day" to the store clerk and responding with kindness when confronted with anger.

Appreciating that there really is no control over most aspects of life gives one the power to harmonize living with circumstances. It allows one to experience abundance even in the midst of chaos.

Can anger be controlled? Probably not. Can anger be dealt with by mindful living and acceptance that there are aspects of our world which go beyond our comprehension? the possibility exists. The question then becomes one of simply asking "How will I get my needs met today?"

Will need satisfaction come fro the walk in the city? Will it come from the deep breath of success at keeping under control during a stressful time? Or will it come from shouting and violence? Will it come at another person's expense?

Yes, even Jesus got angry. Jesus also forgave not seven times seven, but seventy times seventy. You have control over what you do. How you act. How you respond. What'll it be? A shot of anger or a chalice of hope?

Do the Holidays Stress You Out?

Holiday stress
Holiday stress | Source


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      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Until I had children, nothing really made me mad. Now that I have children, it is when they misbehave incessantly.