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What Makes Your Home a Happy Place?

Updated on November 27, 2015

Home, that place we yearn for when we're tired or feeling down. It’s the place we retreat to when we want to relax with our family or a cherished pet. It’s a place where we can be ourselves, sing our hearts out, walk around naked or do whatever we prefer to do without the hustle and bustle of life.

A house provides us with shelter, but a home is where we brave the storms of life itself and enjoy happiness in its sanctuary.

But, when does a house suddenly become a home?

It is when we add a lick of paint to its walls? Or, when we’ve thrown the first house party? Is it when everything has its own place, or when we finally finish paying off the mortgage? Does a house become a home through physical changes or life changes?

My People


For me, it’s my children and the funny little noises they make. I love being greeted by their smiles and I cherish the moments when they never fail to surprise me. I relish the buzz of the chaos they create and the joy they give me being their mother.

My husband offers me an anchor and some sanity when life gets tough. He's also always on hand for a lovely cup of tea. He is my lighthouse when life throws its crashing waves upon me and his arms never fail to carry me back to shore.

These people are my people; the people who make life worth living and without their presence, all the colours of the world would fade to grey.

Be it ever so humbug, there’s no place like home. ~ Noel Coward (1899 – 1973)



My home is full of everyday noise, especially in the mornings whilst we hectically rush about getting ready for the day ahead. Or, in the evenings following the bustle of work and schooling, when everyone is winding down.

Within my walls, the sounds of chattering and laughter can be heard like chirping birds happily going about their business. Pots clang, doors slam, people laugh, tantrums are thrown, toilet chains flush, the TV blares out and little arguments take place. The sounds of togetherness aren’t always peaceful, but they remind us that we are together, alive and we are blessed.



Peace is rare now that I have three children, but sometimes when they’re all fast asleep; the toys are put away, the washing machine has finished its cycle and the TV is switched off; I hear the sound of my home resting. Peace reigns within the atmosphere and it’s then that I reflect on my daily business.

My home offers refuge from the hastiness of life, where I enjoy the quiet and the solitude occasionally desired.

Rituals and Habit Making


Rituals and habits can range from the music we listen to whilst carrying out housework, to what we like to have for breakfast on Sunday mornings. It could be our favourite snack in front of the TV, or how we choose to unwind on the weekends.

My morning ritual involves a coffee and a slice of hot buttered toast, whilst watching the sheep graze in the fields. I like three large pillows to sleep on at night and I like to leave the curtains open to gaze at the twinkling stars. Rose incense burns slowly whilst I wash the dishes and I always drink a green tea with lemon before bed. It’s these little rituals that make being at home even more enjoyable and we can look forward to creating more as time goes by.

Kissing don’t last, cookery do! ~ George Meredith

Food Glorious Food


A home wouldn’t be a home without our favourite dishes. The scent of freshly baked bread or freshly baked cookies smell of pure joy. If ever I’ve had a hard day, my kitchen is where I retreat to cook up some relief and a tasty remedy. After all, the way to a heart is through the stomach.


A little corner of the world to slump into when the day is done is an absolute necessity. I’m talking scatter cushions, a chair so big it could swallow you up, shaggy rugs, the sound of logs crackling in a wood burner, the obligatory cat to stroke whilst sipping tea and clutching a good book.

Whatever comforts you, helps to create a safe haven and a little piece of heaven. This applies to your children too. It’s important that you know what helps make them feel safe and happy, especially after a tough day of learning. Make their own comfort zones appealing to their individual personalities, so that they may unwind and let off some steam in a tranquil space.

Comfort = happiness.

Knick-Knacks and Trinkets


Personal knick-knacks and trinkets help create an atmosphere and exude our individuality. By putting your personal stamp on your home, you claim it.

I love to decorate my home with fresh flowers and scented candles. I have two cherished medieval goblets which stand upon my fireplace; exposing my mini obsession with all things medieval. My families’ photos are very dear to me and I adore my prize collection of books. My home isn’t far from looking like a library, but my books allow everyone to know a little of who I am.

Putting your own personal stamp on your home doesn’t need to be expensive. Collecting trinkets and memories throughout the years takes time and some of the things we cherish the most aren’t worth much in money but are priceless to us in memory.

Collect things like bottle corks that remind you of a special date, old earrings you wore to a wedding, pictures or photos of people past and present, quilts made by a loved one, pottery gifted to you on an anniversary or a favourite toy from childhood.

Little accents of yourself linger around your home, exposing your personality to visitors and friends. Without them, your home would lack any personality and that homely feeling.



A pet can be a loyal friend, cherished companion and a lovable rogue. Pets give us benefits of comfort, peace, stress relief and exercise. To have a wagging tail or a little purr welcome you back home is a great feeling and an instant way to bring us back down to earth, after a stressful day.

Pets are a wonderful addition to a home and help the whole family bond as a united pack.With a family pet, you are never bored!

Rules, or Lack of Them!

In our home, you don’t have to get dressed on a Sunday. In the evenings, we change into bedroom attire and lounge around talking, watching movies or reading until it’s time for bed. Yoga pants or tracksuit bottoms are completely acceptable and if you must wear a onesie, wear one! We can like in on weekends, shut ourselves away from the world or stay up until the early hours of the morning.

The home has no place for fancy suits or pointy shoes; it has no dress code to adhere to. You can get up and dress up like a fairy if that’s what floats your boat! You choose how to live when in your own domain. The relaxation of rules within a home helps us dismiss life’s dominant restrictions, encouraging us to be unique and to form our own individuality.

Your home is your kingdom.

Outdoor Space


A garden is indeed the purest of human pleasures.

In fine weather, I am constantly in my garden and when it’s too wet to stand it, I gaze at it from my window instead. There is always something to do in the garden and my work in it is never complete. When I walk into a garden, each flower sings a unique tune and some offer meditation for my soul.

A garden may not be within your own grasp, but in our world, nature is a garden where our minds can go to seed.

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Memories stay with us until we take our last breath. They’re what our children will discuss with friends when they go to college, or what they’ll tell their own children when they tuck them in at night.

We have memories that we regret or those we truly cherish.The memories crafted within the walls of our homes are the moments that will live in our souls forever.

Make them happy ones.

It takes hands to build a house,but only hearts can build a home~ Author Unknown

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