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What Staying Home Really Means

Updated on July 18, 2013

So True

Found on Google.
Found on Google.

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A Day in the Life

Yesterday, I woke up at 6 a.m., changed the baby and fed him. Then at 7 a.m., I woke up my older son and made him breakfast and made sure he was ready for school. At 7:40 a.m., I made my husband a coffee and sent him and my older son off to enjoy their day. By 8:30 a.m, I had supper already made, the dishwasher dishes put away and all the dishes in the sink back in, and a load of laundry set. All with a baby attached at my hip, because he crawls out of everything I can put him in to keep him busy.

By 8:30 in the morning, I have more accomplished in a day than most people who "have actual jobs". I manage to keep my eyes open, with quite a fight because the baby decided to teethe again, which means more sleepless nights for me. My job doesn't end there. On top of being the dishwasher and cook, I have to play entertainer and teacher for the baby all day, while chasing around a naked baby because staying still for diapers is no fun, but smearing poop all over the carpet is. Then during the baby nap time, they always say you should nap with your baby. But seriously, realistically who sleeps when the baby naps? I make sure the dogs are fed and pretend to watch television while I daydream of my bed. Then at 2:45 I get to pick up the oldest kid from the bus stop, and play tutor with homework while having a baby pull my hair. Then I make sure everyone's ready for baseball practice, and finally I can rest at 9 p.m.

The highlight of my day is my bed time at 9 p.m-11 p.m., and hope that after that I can get back to sleep before 3. Stay-at-home Moms are unsung heroes of sorts; we can't complain about being tired because no one thinks we actually do work. We stay home all day, how hard could that possibly be? I'd dare you to try it. When I worked, I laughed at stay-at-home moms, remembering the images of Peg Bundy eating Bon-Bons and watching Oprah. I used to think I deserved a medal for working and raising a child. We do work hard, we don't get days off, and we're just as under-appreciated as people with "actual jobs".

You forget about all the negativity when your children smile at you, and run over for hugs. When people tell you how amazing your child is, and how much your children love you, you know you're doing your job well. I don't need a reward, my reward is knowing that I'm raising my kids to become better human beings to make a difference on the world. My reward is that they are healthy and happy. My reward is that, even if they act out and say they hate you (thank goodness mine isn't a teen yet), you know they love you and will miss you. Appreciation is overrated anyways. So is sleep.

Happy Mother's Day

I'd like to take a moment to wish all the mothers out there a "Happy Mother's Day". Whether you stay-at-home, or work outside the home. Whether you're a seasoned professional or still pregnant with your first. All that matters on Mother's Day, is that you love your child and raise it to be the best child they can be. Our very job as mothers is to nurture and love these children in our lives and make sure their needs are met and then some. We want them to know we love them more than the world itself.

So remember on Mother's Day through the pile of diapers and dishes, we're making a difference even though it seems like a small one. If we don't take any other time to ourselves, at least make sure Mother's Day is reserved for that 20 minute shower you've longed all year for or that bowl of ice cream you just really "needed". It's our day, we should do one thing for us.


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    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 4 years ago

      I can relate to this hub! I'm a SAHM too and my husband has no idea how much I have to do while he is at work. I tell him all the time that there are so many things around here that would never get done if I weren't here lol

    • Leighanneore profile image

      Brianne LaRochelle 4 years ago

      In retrospect, I should've mentioned "puppy parents" as well. I'm not sure who drives me more crazy by the end of the day, the dogs or the kids, lol. Thanks for the support guys!

    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 4 years ago from Prescott Valley

      Lol We are trying to start a family so no kids yet, but I still work just as hard from home. I started and currently run my own nationwide wedding planning business, now growing, and am a full time writer, along with all of the chores and taking care of our two beautiful puppies of course. Staying at home is not as easy as it sounds. Kudos for your great article.

    • healthmom profile image

      healthmom 4 years ago from Ohio

      It's nice to remember I'm not the only one out there feeling overworked and unappreciated!

      I know how much you work, even though everyone else out there doesn't. I hope our mother's day presents are on the way in years to come, toddlers are not quite thinking of that yet... thanks for your hub!