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What Vaccines and Immunizations Should My Child Have?

Updated on February 27, 2011

It is very easy for parents to forget about their children's immunizations because time does fly. it seems as soon as your child starts Kindergarten, soon, it will be 6th grade and you'll be longing for the earlier days. Of course, time will make a vaccine weak and less protective and that is why schools require boosters and immunization records when the start school and when they start Jr. High and High School.

It is important for preteens to receive another dose of a vaccine before the teen years begin. If you child is now 11 or 12 and you have not got them their HPV or meningitis boosters, they should, so act now.

The following are recommended for kids between 7 and 18:

Diphtheria/tetanus (DTaP) to protect from whooping cough and diphtheria.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) protects against cervical cancer and genital warts. Girls should get this when age 11 or 12.

Meningococcal to protect against severe illness and meningitis. All 11 and 12 yr olds should get this.

Influenza - yearly flu shot.

Hepatitus A (HAV) to prevent a virus from attacking the liver.

Hepatitus B (HBV) same as Hep A but also to reduce risk of liver cancer. By law, all kids entering the 7th grade must show proof of this on their records.

Chickenpox - most kids have had this because it is required before they start school. Boosters are recommended.


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