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What are personalized children's books

Updated on July 14, 2013

How our books are personalized


What is in a personalized children's book?

Personalized Children's Books feature your child's name, age, hometown, friends and relatives which can be all a part of the child's magical story. Our stories range from educational whimsical stories to birthday adventures, first day of school, fantasy, superheroes and so much more. Whatever your child loves to read we are sure to have a personalized book just for them.

We also carry personalized baby books which is a recording of your child's birth such as the hospital they were born in, doctor's name, height, weight, inches, time of birth, visitors, parents' name and more personalization about the birth of that special little someone.

Popular characters that your children have come to know and love all can be personalized as well, such as our personalized Sesame Street books, personalized superhero books featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and the Justice League.

All of our books are hardcover and washable and are sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

The best personalization you can receive in a book is to have the child's information incorporated into the story as well as their picture! We have personalized photo books where your child's face is on the cover and throughout the story. These books are the best quality books on the market. These particular books come in your choice of hardcover or softcover.

Why purchase a personalized children's book

Studies have shown that when purchasing a personalized book for your child; it not only promotes self-esteem it builds confidence as well. Children become the stars of their very own story and seeing their face light up when they see their name in print in their very own book is priceless.

Promoting literacy is our goal and what better way of accomplishing this is to get every child to read about themselves. If your child is struggling to read or has lost interest in reading, getting them a personalized book is sure to spark their interest. They get to go on adventures and get excited about becoming the hero and saving the day. Buy purchasing these books you are instilling a life long love of reading.

Our little customer captivated by reading about herself with the Little Mermaid personalized book.
Our little customer captivated by reading about herself with the Little Mermaid personalized book. | Source

We have personalized books to suit all ages and styles

Our personalized books are great for infants up to the age of 12. Reading to your baby and toddler is important because you are introducing the love of reading to your household. As they become older and start reading on their own what better way to learn than reading about themselves.

We have super hero books suited for the older ones and younger ones too. Do you have a boy or girl who just loves to be a superhero then we have books just for them? Did you just come from the zoo we have a book for them too. First day of school, birthday or camping trip? You can reinforce what they have learned or recollect your trip memories by purchasing a book about the trip.

Whatever the occasion or event we have a book for YOUR child. So come on over and check us out and spread the word to family and friends. Promoting literacy is the best thing you can do!

Personalized Children's Books by KD Novelties

Your Child is the STAR of Each Story!®

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    • KD Novelties profile image

      KD Novelties 3 years ago from Monroe, New York

      Any of our books can be personalized with whatever names you'd like. Your grandson would be the main character and the two moms could be in the friends and relatives part of the story. You can also include the dog too! Hope this helps.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      I'm looking for a custom book where the parents are to moms. I would love to have my grandson be able to read his name and his moms name his dog.