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What if you could have 3 wishes?

Updated on December 18, 2014


Be HONEST! What was your first thought/wish before reading the post? What would you wish for first?

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What would you wish for if you could have 3 wishes granted? Where a man's treasure is, that is where his heart lies also.

“If a genie were to grant you 3 wishes… what would you ask for?”

An innocent question posted on Face Book by a dear friend of mine. Though it was a fun inquiry, I being very literally, began to ponder this question. I thought long and hard, for weeks actually, contemplating my answer as if determining the perfect responds would in fact, make it areality, wish granted.

Many would wish for fortune, fame and personal perfection. I knew my answer, though I did desire all of those things, would have to be far more significant. I felt a pain of guilt at wanting all these things for myself and knew my own gratification would never be fully satisfied even if I were granted each request. Even the wealthiest, healthy, physically attractive people would still be lacking and desiring something more.

There were thoughtful wishes for friends, family, even the world at large. End world hunger, end poverty, end disease. All noble, indeed. But I was unsatisfied.

I began to search my own heart for what it was I truly desired. If not a genie, but God were to ask what was the true desire of my heart. I marveled at the idea. The vast possibilities of having any wish granted. What if it were not 3 but only one? What was the true and deep desire of my heart? After a lengthy thought-filled process of elimination, I discovered my answer. My wish was to do more for the world, for myself and my family. My wording needed to be accurate and specific. The truth of my heart’s hearts desire was actually quite simple and encompassed all my soul. To have the wisdom and influence to inspire the world. More specifically to inspire the world to seek and know the truth of their created value, the truth of their creator. To seek the Kingdom of heaven and all that life is meant to be. To have meaningful, purpose filled, joyful lives in community together, serving and trusting in the God that loves them.

Fully satisfied with my answer, I began to question myself. If this is the true desire of your heart, why are you not seeking it with all your heart? What is stopping you? That answer did not take nearly as long. In fact, I had the answer to that inquiry only moments after asking. Fear. Fear of not being able to obtain such a vast goal, fear of rejection, not fear alone of course but something often associated with fear. Confidence. After all, who was I to inspire anyone? Who was I to share the wonder that is God with those in search. I simply am not enough. Not good enough, smart enough and definitely not righteous enough. Indeed, who was I?

Question asked and needed answered. How marvelous that God works in the mysterious ways that He does. Allowing us not only to look deeper by asking such questions but setting us up for growth so that we might reach our own created value that He has purposed for Himself.

It would be easy for me to blame my business, consuming my time, thoughts and energy. Blame could be speared to role as mother and wife. My children are, as with most every mother, my world. It would certainly be simple to blame my husband whose perfect reality would be living debt free in upper-middle class suburbia as apposed to fighting the good fight and traveling the world to hopefully inspire genuine change of heart and common thinking in the everyday man. I could blame my past, my friends, my location, practically every influence in my life. But that would be an unfair and dishonest scapegoat to the truth I was faced with.

The blame would fall solely on me. My character, more specifically. Because I, Nicole Woltz, am first and foremost a dreamer. I don’t dream of winning one million dollars, but one hundred million. I dream big and outrageous, it is the only way I have ever known to dream. And it is often a lonely road.

On the occasional trip to the local convince store, I would pick up a Powerball lotto ticket, not with the actual anticipation of winning, but for the sheer joy in dreaming. And of course that occasion would never arise until the one hundred million marker had been passed. I found no other joy than that of dreaming, what would we do with all that wealth? The foundations I would start, the jobs created, the dreams of others that we could fulfill, ours too, to be sure. Big house, place at the beach, fancy boat and a few too many vehicles, not to mention the vacation plans. But in the end, I was always forced to ask myself, if all our financial desires were well within reach, and we had more than enough for our selves, family, friends and no need for further employment, what then would my life become? What purpose would I serve? That said, dreamers are seldom doers. That is until they recognize the conflict, only then can the shift begin to happen.

Amazing how God would use my own critical thinking skills to light the path He is laying out for me, to inspire a change in my own heart.

Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

Phil 2:13 For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

AKA – Wish granted.


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