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How Much does a Mother Earns for Being a 'Nurse', 'Dentist', 'Teacher' and a 'Counselor'?

Updated on May 12, 2013
Mother's Shoulders
Mother's Shoulders | Source
Through It All
Through It All | Source

This is a continuation of Mothers, Jack of all Trades and Masters of all. How Much do They Earn for Their Job Description?” Mothers do an awesome job raising their children and I could not fit it all in one shell neither could I exhaust it in two or more shells.

1. Mother, the nurse

A mother makes sure that the child stays healthy. When the child is sick she ‘radiates’ that sickness as well. She keeps checking on the child as he/she sleeps at night. She keeps a first aid kit containing items like thermometers, bandages, scissors, alcohol pads etc for emergencies. When she suspects any fever, she reaches for her thermometer and checks the temperature before calling the doctor or rushing the child to the emergency room. She has also learned a few alternative methods of taking care of minor ailments e.g. chicken soup or lemon to treat respiratory infections like cold or mild flu. Should an emergency arise, she takes the child to the hospital, any time of the day or night. She can perform first aid procedures like CPR on an unresponsive child; call the nurse-line to find out some information; call the poison control department for poison prevention. If she has a job and the child is sick, she will cancel work in order to monitor her child’s health.

She also makes sure the home is installed with child proof cabinets. At night she reads a bed time story and sings a lullaby for her child to sleep. She takes children to doctor’s appointments and keeps up with the immunizations schedules. She searches the internet and read books in order to decipher signs and symptoms of childhood diseases or something related to her child’s condition. Is it not surprising that even when daughters are married and have children of their own, and are faced with a health crisis, they call their mothers first before they can call their doctors. This is because mothers knows best and will always provide the right counsel for the matter at hand. How much does a mother earn for her nursing duties?

2. Mother, the dentist

The mothers ensure that the child gets his/her toothbrush and teaches children the proper technique of brushing their teeth. She reminds her children to brush, floss, and mouth-wash after meals (and sometimes before meals). She checks her children’s teeth every once in a while for cavities and other dental health issues. She makes dental appointments and takes the child for dental checkups. At any medical health facility, she comfort her children on how the medical procedure is not that painful and how beneficial it will be at the long run. Does she get paid for this?

3. Mother, the teacher

Mothers have been considered the first teachers in a life of every child. The child spends his/her first years with his/her parents. The first child’s words include “Mama or Mom” and “Daddy or Dad”. These are the first people the child is exposed to. From the beginning, Mom is the main teacher since dad mainly has a job unless for the exceptional families who have reversed roles. The mother toilet train, teach them how to dress and undress, how to hold the spoon/fork and feed themselves, clean their rooms etc. Once they enrolled in school, the mother wakes them up every morning, prepare them and take them to the bus-stop or drive them to school. After school, children go home with their homework and the tired mothers have to assist them with their homework. Some of this homework is so complicated for the children to comprehend on their own, and so teachers expect parents to assist their children. How much compensation does the mother get for her teaching duties?

4. Mother, the counselor/coach

The children grow up and face the real world life issues. The mothers are there to cheer them up. There are there to support their children, be it Balee Dance or baseball game. They provide unwavering support and when they lost the game, they are there to encourage them to look forward for there is always a “next time”. They celebrate the winnings together. When they are grown and they face the cruel world of challenges in relationship, love, courtship, marriage and divorce, mothers are always there to offer shoulders to lean on. They may not provide the answers to everything, but a disappointed child will always find a solace in her/his mother’s arms. Believe it or not, even a 45 year adult, who just lost his job, and is late on the mortgage/rent payment and have no place to go, will always have a place at his/her mother’s house. Counselors and coaches earn a decent income. I wonder how much a mother earns for being a counselor and a coach.

It looks like the amount is coming to six figures, close to seven figure salary. No one can afford a 'paid mother'. Mothers do all these for free. THANK YOU MOTHERS!.


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