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What is the best advice that you received from your Mom? (Mother's Day Special)

Updated on April 2, 2011
My Mom withyounger brother
My Mom withyounger brother


Generally people say that behind the succes of every man, a womans contribution is more than that of man. The woman may be mother, sister, wife etc. Here I am going to tell you my real story . The Great advice given by mom which changed my life and i become an engineer and today i am working with a PSU.

I was a poor boy with six brothers. I was elder than all. My father was the member of communist party of india. He was an wholetimer. he was nothing to earn money. he never work for money. He always moving from one place to another creating awareness about the principle of communism. he was helping poor farmers.workers. peasent. Alwas fighting for downtroden and helpless people. That time (in 1965-1980) he was getting hundred rupees as a honararium. It was very difficult that time to live a normal life. If we get food at noon, in night nothing to eat, and if at night , at noon nothing to eat. Like that our life was going on.

When I become six years old gone for study near by government school.I remember in 2nd or 3rd class I was brutually beaten by a teacher because I could not pay the special charge which is equal to Rupees three and fifty paise. I return home and told all the story to my mom. She says nothing but looking towards me with eyes full of water. I decleared to my mom that I never go to school and there are nothing in study. I told her that I will sell icecream and earn money for livlyhood.

That day mom keep silance. Next day she told me, Look my son you have to study any how, in any condition and situation . If you are in difficulty today, tomarrow will be yours . if you have honest no one can defeat you. you have to do hard work. you have to show the people that you can do it and you can achieve it .

After one month gap when my mom gave me the special charge i had gone to school and from that day I never thought not to go school. The advice given by my mom that time i always remember and follow her teaching.


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      sudamaprasad 8 years ago

      Hi. good hub