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When To Start Weaning My Baby?

Updated on July 25, 2017

What can I feed my Baby?

After you start your spoon feeding your baby on solid food you may be wondering what you can and can't give to your baby. Your baby's digestive system is still very immature so you should be very careful what foods you feed your baby at this stage. Some foods may cause your baby's tummy to be upset and maybe even make them sick. When possible use organic food, as it is more natural and free from additives.Usually a good idea is to start with a teaspoon or two of baby rice mixed with boiled water or formula milk. Remember for the first year all baby equipment should be sterilised and any water used in feeds should be boiled and cooled. Slowly you can introduce flavours of both puréed fruit and vegetables. Just let baby suck it of the spoon at the beginning until she decides to eat it of the spoon. Very quickly baby will be excited to taste her next spoon feed!

A Guide To What Is The Best Food Baby Can Eat When You Start Spoon Feeding

Age approx 6 months
Foods Baby can eat
Foods NOT To Give Baby
If you are not sure check with your health Visitor
Baby Rice
your health professional
Fruit and Veg Pureed
Cows and Goats milk
Chicken and Meat
How to wean your baby: Spoon-feeding, baby-led weaning, and combining the two
How to wean your baby: Spoon-feeding, baby-led weaning, and combining the two

This book is great for parents starting to wean or spoon feed their baby. It has some great recipes is reasonably priced and very easy to read.

Baby just loved all the combinations of flavours and becomes excited when she sees the spoon coming! This book also explains the two ways that parents wean their babies and explains the advantages and disadvantages of both ways.

The book has lots of quick and easy recipes and dishes that could be enjoyed by all the family.

Examples of dishes are a Butter Nut Squash purée,Shepard Pie,Cottage cheese mounds.All healthy satisfying foods to introduce to your baby and toddler.

There is also good ideas for finger foods and snacks.

The book also tells you what foods not to give your baby.

The book is written by Kim Davies a mother and Stepmother and I would highly recommend it.


Ideas of Food To Give Your Baby.

  • Rice Pudding - use formula milk to mix
  • Semolina
  • Mashed Banana
  • Apple Puree
  • Peach Puree
  • Carrot Puree
  • Sweet Potato Puree
  • Parsnip Puree

These are only ideas! You can use lots more and once baby is used to some of these tastes, you can steadily introduce more.

Organix Organic Baby Rice 100 g (Pack of 5)
Organix Organic Baby Rice 100 g (Pack of 5)

Organic baby rice is made using organically grown rice that's light and fluffy.

When making up the baby rice you should use babies normal milk so that it tastes familiar to baby. The rice is 100% organic, is gluten free and it contains vitamin b1. Overall a very safe and tasty first food for baby.



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