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What to Do if Your Child is a Fussy Eater

Updated on January 31, 2013

Toddlers are fussy. They are demanding. And for these mind boggling facts, there would hardly be any parent who is unaware of their not-so-unusual characteristic. But the main question that should come to your mind is whether you are able to cater to their ever fluctuating needs or not. Good parenting is easy to fathom; it is a simple two letter word, but in a true practical sense, it is the most difficult job in this world. However, in this particular case, patience is the key to success. Parents have to realize that every child or toddler is an extremely fussy eater. There is no scientific theory behind it. It stands on one simple logic; Innocence. There will be a day when they gulp everything that comes their way. And then the very next day, they will not even look at the food which they ate few hours back. Their food habits can be comprehensively improved if you give proper consideration to their diet plan. Likewise, you can minimize the on-table hassles by simply adopting the below listed tactics:


a.) Spice it up - Every toddler or child is a picky eater. At every step, you have to be careful about the nutrients required for a balanced diet. Therefore, try different combination of flavors without compromising the essential nutrients. Make the food a little spicy one day; then make it sweet the other day. You can also test acerbic or tart ingredients, but always care to observe a child's response. They will surely counter some; and at the same time, they will acknowledge other flavors. Their taste buds are in the development stage and for this reason, you can easily alter the essence or aroma of their food.

b.) Liquid Diet - You can easily rely on liquid foods to feed a toddler who never likes to settle at one place while eating. A mixture of milk, honey, wheat flour, eggs, and other smoothies can be offered to them in a closed jar or glass with a straw. It will prevent undesirable scattering of food items.

c.) Freedom to choose - Let your child choose what he wants to eat in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. It he demands a pizza early in the morning, let him have it. Restricting too much can lead to behavioral changes, which are directly linked to their food habits. However, keep the diet nutritious. Give him milk or juice along with any unanticipated food item. Let him enjoy it.

d.) Make it look attractive - Decoration is a key element that raises interest in a toddler to a great extent. Nicely decorated food with delicious toppings can make your fussy eater enjoy the variations. Additionally, you are giving them more nutrients in the form of toppings. You should cut fruit or vegetable salad in shapes of an animal or bird, write their names on the top of a pizza or cake on a regular basis, or any other creative thing. They will be more fascinated if you are able to indulge them in this activity. It will make them eat their creations more acceptably.


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    • LQWILLIams profile image

      LQWILLIams 5 years ago

      Excellent idea! I will have to remember that suggestions for some of the parents I work with. This topic always seems to come up. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • celeste inscribed profile image

      Celeste Wilson 5 years ago

      I agree with your last two points, freedom of choice and make it colorful. Also tell a story. A brocolli 'tree' may be placed next to a mushroom chair for the pixies and goblins. I cut sandwiches into dynasour shapes and made faces on the plate with the vegetables.