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What to Look for in Baby High Chairs

Updated on July 28, 2012

A high chair will be a useful tool in your household.

Ready for lunch!
Ready for lunch! | Source

Baby High Chairs - A Year's Investment

Buying a high chair is a complex decision for some parents. And it's no wonder since your baby will use this item for at least a year, maybe longer. You have several things to consider before purchasing one. My first baby high chair was given to me by a well-meanig friend, but I ended up replacing it because it didn't meet my needs. I'm just glad I didn't buy it and then have to spend money on a second high chair.

The Size of the Baby High Chair

Before you buy a high chair for your baby, consider how you will use it. Will it just be used for meals or will they sit in it when you are busy doing other things? Some parents put their babies in the high chair with toys to occupy them while they do chores or run to the laundry room. It can be a safe place to keep your baby when you have to leave their view.

Once you know how much time your baby will be spending in it, decide how much space you have for a baby high chair. I have a small kitchen so I purchased one that was ideal for an apartment. You miss out on a few extra features with this option, but you don't lose the important components like sturdiness and stability. In fact, when my daughter got older, she would attempt to climb into the chair and it didn't tip or move. Of course, after a couple of those attempts, it was moved out of the room.

Must-Have Features

Here are a few things you will need in your high chair for safety, convenience, or being practical.

  • Straps to keep them in their high chair. All new ones come with these, but if you purchase second-hand chairs, you might not get them. The chair that was given to me didn't have any safety straps. I could have purchased them separately if that had been the only problem with the chair, but it would have been an additional expense.
  • Wheels to move them around easily from one area to another. i didn't buy one with wheels because I didn't plan to use the chair in other rooms, but it is a good feature to consider.
  • Easy-clean material. This was the main reason I replaced my high chair; it was wooden and impossible to clean. I much preferred the plastic one that was just wipe clean. Toddlers are very messy people and you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning the chair.
  • Removeable tray. This also comes standard on most new high chairs, but you want to make sure you like how it is removed. Understand the mechanics of the chair to be sure it is easy to work with.

Wooden high chairs are unique but not as practical for today's baby.

Look at me, World.
Look at me, World. | Source

Special Features for a Baby High Chair

If you spend time looking at all of your options, you will find some other features that you might appreciate.

  1. A fold up chair. This allows you to take it with you to Grandma's or your friend's house for dinner. Of course, you want to know how to use this feature to make it worthwhile. When I bought mine, I threw away the directions before I figured out how to fold it down for transporting. A great feature was never used because I never figured it out.
  2. Cup holder. This is almost an essential because you need a place to keep the cup within reach but out of the way.
  3. A tilt option. If your child will spend time in the high chair, you might appreciate this option that allows the back to tilt back if they should fall asleep.
  4. A height option. This is helpful if you will have your baby at a regular table and an island or bar table.

While these options can add to the cost, they are also beneficial for a parent. You will have to determine what you need and are willing to pay for as you include your new family member at the dinner table.


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