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What to do if I don't like who someone is dating

Updated on July 15, 2016


In the case of anyone dating my family. I would keep my mouth shut.

I am not around too much to make an assumption about most family members. Yet, when I do speak up people just don't listen.

It is hard to tell someone that who they like might not be right for them. Yes, I have tried.

What I know is that love is not just blind but stupid. Unless someone on the off chance notices the problem. Not many notice the problem until it is too late.

Warning Does Not Help

The truth is not great in this situation. Those in love want people to care about them. They don't want someone to get in the way.

Stay Out of the Relationship

Those in love want to spend some time together. If they have only $20 dollars left in their wallet ... please, do not have them spend time with you.

Most couple spend time together. But, young couples will not have money to spend time and money on family. So, if they ask if you want to go with them, SAY NO.

Young couples want to spend time together. Not many have a lot of cash. Along with that, an independent person will still have to spend money on an apartment.

There are not much to do when a couple is still young.

Wait out the Relationship

Young couples might only last a few weeks to two months. There are many people that don't last long together.

With marriages though it is about two years. I am not sure what the number two has to do with anything, though.

Sometimes, if the couple has kids they wait until the child is older to get a divorce. Waiting might not be the best idea. However, it might be alright to act like you support the one family that is still loved.

Power of Love by Céline Dion


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