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How to make a Temporary Baby Monitor

Updated on May 4, 2012

They are asleep but now what?

So my kids are actually too old for a baby monitor and we don't even own one in our small ranch. In our old house I rarely used it even though it was a bi level. The rare times we did use it was when we went outside to mow or use the hot tub when the kids were sleeping.

Fast forward to recently. We were visiting family and the kids were in an unfamiliar location and not completely baby proofed (or should I say 3 yr old proofed). I was slightly nervous that my energetic toddlers would wake up and destroy the room or house if not properly attended. It was a beautiful night out and everyone was hanging outside on the deck well out of earshot of the kids.

Sleeping kids is only half the battle while on vacation

Sound Asleep
Sound Asleep

The Impromptu Baby Monitor

So I decided to set up an impromptu baby monitor. Using two cell phone, thank goodness for mobile to mobile calling, I called my husbands cell phone, the two phones are now connected through a phone call. I put them both on speaker phone and plugged mine into the charger in the kids room. I then click mute on my husband's phone. This created a scenario where I could hear the kids but they could not hear the adult chatter outside.

We went in and checked on the kids every once in awhile but this gave us a little more peace of mind that they were okay and still sleeping. Of course they slept the entire time and we were able to enjoy the company of family and friends without being paranoid of the kids.

Use this method to create a a basic baby monitor set up when ever and where ever you need one. Depending on the life of the batteries on your phone you may need to plug them both into chargers.

If your phone is enabled with video chat you will also be able to create a video monitor for a sleeping infant with a little ingenuity you could watch baby peacefully sleep.


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