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What we need to gift our children?

Updated on February 10, 2015

Intelligent next generation

bright future
bright future
Beautiful nature
Beautiful nature

Money ? Good environment ? Good ethics ?

Next generation is intelligent generation; they can earn their money and they can decide their career. The only gift that we need to give them is Good Nature to live and Good morals to follow.

Money? Good environment? Good ethics?

If you put your hand on your heart and think yourself, what we need to give our children? Good Money? Good education? Good health? Good career? Good ethics?

Next Generation kids are more talented and they can earn their money and they can plan their career better than us. But what they need is good environment to live and good ethics to follow.

If you save the environment, environment will save you:

In today’s developing world, we are polluting air, water and even food with the name of the development. How our future generation can live happily in this polluted world. One side ozone layer depletion and on other side global warming.

I remember one childhood tale story, where one king saw a grand old man who is planting a mango plant and laughed at him and asked him do you want to eat the fruits of this mango tree? Then the old man replied like i am doing the same what our ancestors do to us. They planed mango plants and we are eating today, if I plant our future generation will enjoy the fruits of this plant.

This clarifies the things what we are doing whether good or bad today will effects future generation. So we need to protect this planet and gift it to our loving kids.

What we can do for protecting nature? Simple deeds make lots of difference

1) Save water and other natural resources:

Natural resources are there for all, not for a group of rich people. We need to use water and other natural resources carefully as future generation may face lot of scarcity for water

2) Save fuels wherever possible:

We can save fuels by following simple steps like switch of engines at traffic signals, use public transport system, use car pooling

3) Replace with solar energy:

It’s better to use solar lighting systems and solar heaters and solar power.

It’s not only saving natural fuels also saves environment from pollution

4) Reforestation:

Avoid cutting forests with the name of the development, try to grow forests. As per standards there should be 30% of the earth should contains forests.

5) Avoid plastic usage:

Our ancestors used metal vessels as they know the health benefits of metals. But we are moving towards plastic and paper utensils with the name of development. Results is pollution and plastic is more dangerous to environment as it will take million years to degrade.

Ethical living and cultural living is ultimate way of living:

Along with Good environment we need to give them good culture and good ethics.

Today’s generation is very talented, but not very strong mentally, they are not able to balance their emotions and life. Youth achieving new heights and there is no limit for their energy levels and talent, but they are not ready to face defeat and digest it.

“If you lose money nothing will lose but if you lose your ethics everything will be lost

We will join our kids in day cares at 3 years old, after that kinder garden, school, college and job. We will teach what to eat and what not to eat. We never teach what is ethical and what is not?

This is the time to wake up and give good future for our loving ones. We need to make the ethical and cultural civilians who are very strong and can face any challenges.

What we need to do is:

1) Honesty:

Children learn things from parents, you are role model for you child. So be perfect and honesty yourself. Tell your children importance of honest way of living.

2) Family values:

Spend more time with your children. Many of us busy with earning money for our family sake. But only money can’t make us happy. Plan to spend time with family so that you can some memorable moments to your children.

Plan family lunch or dinner frequently so that all family members can meet and can give good suggestion for your children

3) Make complete human being:

Treat children based on age group. There known proverb to treat your children, you need to treat your child as king up to age of 8 years, treat as slave between 8 and 12 years ,Treat as friend between 13 and 21 and treat as complete man/woman after 21 years.

4) Importance of social life:

Make them to learn the importance of society and social life.

Let them feel to help needy. Make them feel the happiness in giving and helping the needy.

Money is not everything; it’s just need for living. Life is enjoyable with money but more fruitful and more beautiful with your friends and family

5) Importance of loving nature:

Teach them importance of nature. We will be safe when we live more close to nature. We will dig our hole if we move far away from the nature. So let our children love the nature and build green earth.

Know the interest of your children and let them select their career and just guide them when they need.

6) Importance of life: Life is not to stop forcibly, life is to continue:

In the real world you can’t achieve everything in first attempt, sometimes you may fail. Today’s youth notable face anything against to them. There are not able to judge what is good? And what is bad. Their patience level also very low, they are committing suicide for small defeats and sensitive incidents. All this is happening because we are not making our people talented, but not making good human beings with balanced emotions.

We need to make our kids to realise that life is the gift of god .Even a day has two sides, day after night, night after day. World never stops in night and dark, its a continuation process. Same way the dark days in our life are not permanent, wait for your day and keep trying. We are here to fulfil our duties as human beings.


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