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What's My Name

Updated on August 23, 2013

What's in a name and what does mine mean, lots of us ask ourselves from time to time. What were mom and dad thinking when they named me. You even sometimes wonder if they picked your name because it was pretty (for the girls) or( maculine and debonair) for the guys, which is a good enough reason in and of itself. Still you wonder if you were given a name that would purposely speak your future everytime it is uttered. For example, my name is Tina, just Tina no prefixes or suffixes(smile). It is the short version of the name Christina. It's usage is: English, Italian, Dutch, Slovene and Croation. My name means: follower of Christ(Christ + Tina= Christ means annointed, so Tina follows the annointed Christ, Wow! What made me think to look into my name is a funny story. I took my daughter to the dentist and his assistant commented several times about how pretty her name is. She then asked me what it meant and I did not know. Well, you know what I did since I love to do word studies. I came right home and got on the computer and started to do research on what her name actually meant. My daughter's name is Mihlan(like the city in Italy, pronounced-Mee-lan). It's usage is : Czech, Russian, Serbian, Croation, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Dutch and Italian. Her name means: gracious, dear and that is exactly what she is! I also found out that in some cultures, the giving of a name is so sacred that there is an entire ceremony just for that purpose. The child is not even spoken to, using baby talk by the mother until the child has been named. Sometimes this ritual may take more than a day, it could even be a week but, the child, while it is lovingly cared for, is not addressed verbally until he or she has a name, wow! What I decided to do was look up the names of a few people that I am connected to including family and hubbers on hubpages! There were some names that I did not research because they are pseudonyms or the first name is abbreviated. I only list the usage, origin and meaning of the name if I were able to find it. I will list a website at the end of my hub where you can go and check out the history of your name and so forth. Here we go:

1) Jacob- Hebrew, biblical, English, Dutch, Scandinavian- meaning: supplanter and may God protect.

2) Barak(I am not kin to him I just thought I'd look up this name because it's the name of the president of the united states(smile) Usage-biblical hebrew, biblical greek/ meaning:in biblical hebrew it meant, lightening/arabic- meaning blessed or blessings.

3)Benjamin- usage: English, French, German, Dutch, Biblical/ meaning: son of the south or, son of the right hand.

4)Keisha- usage: English, African American, ancient Hebrew (related to the name Keziah, daughter of Job in the old testament/ meaning: cassia, a spice tree.

5)Keith- English, Scottish/ meaning: Wood or Woods.

6)Sherry- usage: English(possibly from the french word, che'rie meaning: darling) or, the english word sherry(a type of fortified wine named from the spanish town of Jerez.

7)Anna- usage:Arabic/ meaning: safety

8)Aliyah- usage: Hebrew/ meaning: to ascend

9)Amy- usage:English(form of old french name) meaning: beloved

10)Samantha- usage: English, Italian, Dutch/ meaning: flower

11)Sarah- usage: Biblical, Biblical Hebrew(Abraham's wife) meaning: princess

12)Sharon- usage: English, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew/ meaning: plain, referring to fertile plain near the coast of Israel.

13)Shirley- usage: English/ meaning: bright clearing

14)Bea- usage:English, German. Dutch, Late Roman, companion name among late christians/ meaning: blessed

15)Becca- usage: English, Italian, Swedish, Biblical, Biblical Latin/ meaning: possibly meaning, a snare. Was the name of Issac's wife in the old testament and mother to Esau and Jacob. Short form of the name Rebecca.

16)Elena- usage:Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Slovene, Lithuanian, Russian, Medieval, English, Greek mythology(Anglicized)/ meaning: torch or corposant(another name for saint Elmo's fire. (From Portugese corpo-santo, literally: holy body/ from Latin, corpus sanctum. Cognate of name Helen or Helena. Mother of roman emperor, Constantine.

17)Patty- usage: English(a variant of Matty, a 17th century diminutive of Martha, now a diminutive of Patricia.

18)Roland- usage: English, French, German, Polish/ meaning: famous land.

19)James- usage: English, Biblical(view history of name on the website I will give ant end of hub. Very lengthy,:-)!

20)Martie- usage: English/ meaning: ?

21)Bobbi- usage: English(feminine form of Bobby)

22)Skye- usage: English/modern/ meaning: from the name of the isle of Skye, off the west coast of Scotland

23)Bob- usage:English, Dutch(short form of name Robert)

24)Donna- usage: English/ meaning: lady(from italian donna meaning lady.

25)Katrina- usage: English, German, Swedish/ meaning: ?

These are just some of the names that I had fun researching and I hope you had fun reading them. The website that I referenced is Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! God bless.


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    • profile image

      Melca 5 years ago

      Whats my name in italian

    • profile image

      ladyt11 7 years ago

      Thanks Arlecchino for stopping by my page and thank you for the comment as well. I believe that names have an influence on our destiny as well. Thank you also for the compliment on my daughter's name.

    • Arlecchino profile image

      Arlecchino 7 years ago from Top of the Cloud

      I believe that name has influence on our destiny. You choose beautiful unique name for your daughter.

    • profile image

      ladyt11 7 years ago

      Thank you Elena for your comment!I'm glad you enjoyed my hub, you have a beautiful name as well and it matches how you look according to your photo! Thanks again for your support.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Lovely Hub - Names are important. Its nice to give children a name with meaning. Your daughter has a beautiful name.

      I enjoyed reading this and it was nice to see my name listed to. Regards, Elena.

    • ladyt11 profile image

      ladyt11 7 years ago

      Thanks B! I had fun writing it and thanks for stopping by, its always a pleasure to hear from you.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      How very interesting and informative....and yes, fun reading!