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What's Up With These Disrespectful Children Lately?

Updated on July 7, 2009

Back in my day my Aunt and Uncle were greatest folks on earth if they bought me a fifty cent Italian Ice cup from the ice cream man. I did not get a choice of flavors, nor would I ever dare even point at the item I DID actually want. I took what I could get, smiled, and said thank you. Hey, it's that or nothin' kid.

When the ice cream man rolls by these days, the young ones stop him without asking, and order whatever they want; with no regards to pricing. They then leave me with the tab. No thanks, no's as if this shit is just expected.

Back in my day we only got treated when we deserved it, and if you were bad, you got jack shit. Not today. Nope, they can spit in my face and expect to be rewarded.

Back in my day if I ever dared mouth off to an adult, I'd be on complete lock down, and probably suffer a sore rear end from the whipping I so righteously deserved.

In this day, kids can give us the middle finger, tell us that we suck, and then we get to treat them to ice cream? What the fuck?

Back in my day we were excited if someone gifted us a box of crayons on Christmas. We didn't even need the goddamn coloring book.

In this day, they expect the crayons, the coloring book, and an XBOX 360, with 5 games all rolled in to one. If you fail to buy them the expensive stuff, they'll toss your gifts to the side.

The best thing about this though, is that even if you do get the expensive stuff, they still won't say thank you.

Back in my day it was a treat to rent a movie at Blockbuster. Seriously it was just as glorious as going to the actual theater. In my day, the mom and dad picked the flick. It was all good.

In this day, a trip to Blockbuster can cost more than the goddamn theatre, because in this day, the kids each want a movie, a video game, some candy, some chips, and some soda. Forget renting the video game, they just expect you to buy it. Yet five hours ago this same little Omen just slipped you the bird.

Back in my day, whenever someone had to babysit for my mother, she thanked them for the remainder of the weekend, and slipped them a $20.00 bill.

Back in my day, if we gave the sitter a hard time, we felt the wrath later on from dear ol' mom.

In these days some parents expect you to watch their kid for free, and treat them to ice cream, the blockbuster movie package, and toys; all of this of course, using our own money.

If the kid was bad, they see it as the sitters fault for not entertaining the Omen. Instead of punishing them for being bad, mom goes and treats them to some ice cream.

Back in my day, the parents called the shots. If we were out somewhere we did not want to be, all mom had to do was raise her hand and we knew to get the hell out of her way, and shut our mouths.

In this day, if the kid wants something, all they have to do is whine- the wish is shortly granted.

Back in my day I worked a part time job, and went to school at the age of 14.

In these days, I see 19 and 20 year olds still holding out their palms for mommy's stash.

Back in my day, if we were riding our bikes and an adult was walking in front of us, we hopped off of our bikes, and walked our way around them.

In this day, they scream 'move, move, move' as they plow their bikes through people walking on sidewalks.

Back in my day we respected and slightly feared police officers.

In this day, I hear children no older than 10 yell 'fuck the po'lease' whenever they see a cop roll by.

Back in my day I'd be chewing on a bar of soap for cussing.

In this day, they chew on ice cream.

Back in my day, I would not even consider ever raising my hand to hit my mother or father.

In this day I watch as little ones slap at their mothers stomach and legs if they don't buy them what they want. Then I watch the mom cave in, and treat her little Omen.

Back in my day a simple spanking was accepted.

In this day, a small spanking is considered child abuse.

Back in my day we knew the value of a dollar at the age of 4.

In this day, kids as old as 12 still have trouble figuring it out.

Back in my day, mom could roll out of the house and leave us home alone without worrying about us burning down the house. Yep, at the tender age of 7.

In this day, mom would be the headline news.

Back in my day, kids sat gathered around the kiddie table during large family holiday events.

In this day, the kids sit at the adult table, and the parents are still gathered around the kiddie table.

Back in my day, if we got in trouble in school we'd take a walk of shame to the principals office, we'd get detention, and a whoppin when we got home.

In this day, when kids get in trouble in school, some moms takes them out for ice cream, and appologizes to them, for having such a bad day. Then they go the extra mile and call the school, to try and get the teacher in trouble.

Back in my day, a good day consisted of sunshine, Pez, and a bike without a flat tire.

In this day, a good day consists of ice cream, new toys, a new video game, a trip to Chucky Cheese, calling all the shots, and a trip to a theme park to cap off the night. If it consists of anything less, than kids mutter 'life sucks'.

What the fuck?

-Before I get all the annoying 'well my kid is not like this' comments... do know this is not regarding ALL children. M-kay...

Keep It Up Kid
Keep It Up Kid


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    • CarolanRoss profile image


      9 years ago from Midwest USA

      There's no doubt that the numbers of selfish and entitled kids is growing like an avalanche, especially the teenagers. When we look for the WHY we naturally look at the parents first, however I also know of a few defiant teens from stable and loving homes. It is very troubling, for sure. Our schools and society at large also tolerate and even encourage behaviors never heard of 'in our day' making the task even more difficult for parents.

      Those parents of teens who are making a serious effort to be firm and consistent yet at the same time caring - these folks deserve great support and compassion. It is living hell for them, and they need much more than blame for teenage terrorist behaviors.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      9 years ago from California Gold Country

      Whose kids are you talking about?

      And who are the parents who taught them?

      Glad I don't know them.

    • SweetiePie profile image


      9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Well I taught middle school and high school for awhile, and I really do not miss it. However, when I called the parents of certain students I found out they said things that were very similar. There are still many good kids out there, but there are a few who seem to feel they are entitled to things.

    • Paper Moon profile image

      Paper Moon 

      9 years ago from In the clouds

      It seems to be a whole generation. My kids are not quite like that, but OMG! They are not my parents children that is for sure. We are pretty in their face about thankfulness and etiquette to the point of I am starting to scare myself that I walked to school uphill in the snow both ways! And no, they have not EARNED that Xbox 360 yet. GREAT HUB! ! !

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      Adam you always provide a chuckle man. 'un-possesed' self! haha.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I teach at an inner city school and it seems like the less these kids have, the more they expect you to give them. Everything is handed over with no accountability and no effort on their part. Yeah, I'm wondering what ever happened to being a kid and being thankful.

    • profile image

      Adam B 

      9 years ago

      First of all, MY CHILDREN ARE NOT LIKE THAT…haha, just kidding, they are too young to know if they are asshole children yet. With me as a dad however…I am sure they will have a mean streak in them but be mostly respectful to the public.

      The problem is the pansy ass parents who cave to the children because they don’t want to deal with whining, crying or temper tantrums. When my oldest decides to throw a fit and lose her damn mind, I tell her she can cry all day long, just do it somewhere else. I take her to another room or whatever and go about my business. Since she knows I am not going to cave to her demands (I call her little Hitler sometimes) she knocks it off and returns to her un-possessed self.

      Too many times parents are lazy and just do what their children want because it is more work to be a good parent and follow through with discipline or punishment. I have some neighbors who have full on asshole kids who I can’t stand. They redheaded fucks play in my front yard, ride their bikes up and down our driveway and litter candy wrappers and shit everywhere. One day I came home and saw my house had sidewalk chalk all over the siding and doors. I marched over the neighbors and said they kids had drawn all over my house and they proceeded to defend their kids and say it wasn’t them. I pointed out to them that their precious children had sidewalk chalk out on their patio as we spoke and I saw them using the chalk earlier on in the day. The neighbors gathered the children and asked them if they did it which they responded “no.” The parents believed their demon seeds instead of me. I lost that battle… but the next day when the parents were out…I told one of the kids (the fat redhead) if he did some shit like that again I would burn his house down. He has kept his distance from then on.

      I don’t get invites from the neighbors anymore to hang out…I wonder why.

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      That is for sure. I dunno what it is, but when I see an 11 year old having a temper tantrum or crying/hitting to get their way... and the parent actually gives in... I want to whop the parent over the head, just as much as the kid. I don't understand why someone would tolerate such behavior.

    • fortunerep profile image


      9 years ago from North Carolina

      You said it as well as it could be said, so true. I have often told my grown daughters that if they were me when I was that age, they couldn't have made it.



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