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When I Was A Kid.....

Updated on October 14, 2009
Tina Phillips
Tina Phillips
Dino De Luca
Dino De Luca

Ah, Nostaglia...

My childhood was in the late 60's, early 70's

Here are some of my memories, off the top of my head.

When I was a kid, I remember:

Our house had three bedrooms, one bathroom, six people:

Dad, Mom, Grandpa, three kids...... and we never felt crowded.

Sharing a bedroom, and a bed, with my sister. She drew an invisible line down the middle of the bed, and I was not allowed to even put my TOE on her side. Of course I did just to piss her off. Alot. ( I was the youngest)

There was always a fight over who got to sit by the window on long car trips. And for awhile, we had a GREMLIN!!

Going outside in the summer and playing all day long with the neighborhood kids. Hide and Seek, Mother May I, Simon Says,....

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Elisabeth right over......

Jumping Rope.. Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella.......

Just doing crazy kid stuff, like riding our bikes around and around in the cul-de-sac, while one person in the middle throws a frisbee at you, and if you crash, then you are in the middle with the frisbee (one of those made up games that you don't want the grown-ups knowing about.)

Answering when another kid's mom was calling him (moms would just stand on the front porch and yell) "BARRY! BARRY!" you: "YEAH!" Barry's mom: "SUPPER!' you: "OK!" Then when Barry came home, he got his ass kicked for being late to supper.

Catching fireflies (we called them lightning bugs) and taking the light part off of their bodies and sticking it on our finger like a ring (I know, gross!)

Walking to the public swimming pool, and playing all day, every day ...Marco Polo, handstands under water, swimming between each others legs, jumping off the high dive over and over again. The lifeguard blowing his whistle at you for running and you have to sit down on the side of the pool,...checking your stuff (your quarter and your noseplugs) in a basket, pinning the basket number on your suit.

Sunscreen? Whats that? Just burn until you tan.

If you had a quarter, you could buy a bag of candy that would last you all day. (Of course you savored every piece.) if your parents sent you to the store for milk and bread, they would give you a dollar and say "bring back my change!"

There was a McDonalds commercial that said you could get a burger, fries, and a drink for under a dollar. The guy walked out of McDonalds throwing his nickel of change in the air. And if you did eat at McDonalds, it was a REALLY big treat,.

Walking home from school with a whole group of kids. Taking the shortcuts, right through people's yards. Climbing fences, jumping over (or into) small streams, having a race thru an empty field. Just coming home could be a new adventure every day.

We never had snow days, unless it was an Artic blizzard. And it snowed alot.

Climbing high up in the tree in my front yard with a favorite book to read. Yelling at people walking by on the street from my tree, hidden in the leaves. Watching them look around and try to figure out where all that yelling was coming from.

OK, I could be kind of an ornery kid.

Four channels on the TV, and if we weren't supposed to be watching it, (not until we were done with our chores) my parents would come home from work and feel the top of the TV to see it was warm.....Busted!!

Getting spankings, grounded, sent your room.....children should be seen and not heard....

and don't give your parents any lip...

I was in no way abused, everyone's parents were like that.

Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit for Thanksgiving.

Summer vacation was a family camping trip with a tent and sleeping bags, catching fish (or trying to at least) with a bamboo fishing much better than any fancy vacation....

I thought that the shoulder of the road was there so your Dad could pull over if you needed to throw up.

I had a pair of red tennis shoes and I thought that they were the best things ever....

My childhood had so much joy and wonder and imagination and dreams and, I realize more and more as I get older, priceless memories, and I am blessed.


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    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 7 years ago from Just East of Oz

      I'm glad that reading this brought back some fond memories for you, thanks for your comments tondhum, AE, and Paul.

      and yes, I loved The Wonder Years!

    • Paul Marshall profile image

      Paul Marshall 7 years ago from Australia

      What a fantastic hub. The memories that you have bought back to me just go on & on. I'm going to take a guess & say that you are also a fan of "The Wonder Years" coz I know I am. I'm thinking that I'll write on a similar topic. But I also know I will have a problem knowing where to start & where to stop.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      You have just brought back a flood of memories for me and I thank you, we used to draw lines down the middle of the room because my sister was so messy! lolololo :) Great hub!

    • tomdhum profile image

      tomdhum 7 years ago from memphis tn

      great words filled with emotions. started a hub poetry posting like to have your thoughts. LOL tom

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      Well, I wasn't too fond of doubling up in bed. Come to think about it, the switches were pretty hard to take also. hehe But all in all, I had a fairly good childhood.

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 7 years ago from Just East of Oz

      Deer-- I suppose everyone that had siblings had invisible lines, kids are funny that way.

      thanks for checking out my hub!

    • deerinheadlights profile image

      deerinheadlights 7 years ago from deep in the heart of Texas

      as someone else said, I think you just described my childhood! Loved the article, brought back great memories and did everyone have an imaginary line somewhere in their childhood? I think so...

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      ralwus, here's hoping that our children and grandchildren can look back on their childhoods and smile just like us...

      a happy childhood is a blessing

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Ahh nostalgia. It really begins in the forties I think. You never mentioned drive in theaters. I miss them. Lightning bugs and June bugs too. We still have plenty here and they both come out in June. Of course I was born in 1950, but share many of the same memories you mention, except cul de sacs. Never knew of them until the sixties. I remember the Interstates being built. Nice hub dear. CC peace

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      Thanks Sundar, for letting me share my childhood with you!

    • profile image

      Sundar Suhas 8 years ago

      What wonderful memories and what a scamp you must have been! Keep the stories coming.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 8 years ago

      I don't think any of us can get enough of nostalgia! :)

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      Thanks Montana Farm Girl for your comments, and yes, we still have fireflies here, just not as many. My cousins from Arizona always enjoyed them when they came to visit.

      Oh, to have the joy and wonder of a child!

      thank you for reading my hub!!

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Ditto for me!!!!! As I read, I thought: Did I write this hub???? So many of the same, exact memories!!!! But, we had no fireflies and after my teacher read a story about them, I ALWAYS wanted to see one and even dreamed about it often!! Still haven't see one... Do they still exist or has pollution gotten to them? The swimming pool memory was the best!!! All summer, the moment it opened til it closed, with a break going home for lunch...we were there!!!! Thanks for the fun memories!!! :-)

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 8 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      Hi elisabethkcmo, Not necessarily about the 60's, but yes things from way back.

      There is this:

      And there is this:

      And on an old blog of mine for something in my late teens (written before I discovered hubpages):

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      thank you Philuc, any hubs about your childhood??

      count me in!

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 8 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      I got here from KCC Big Country's hub - amazing times. So many similar experiences even if my sixties were in the UK and Mexico.

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      thank you to my hub friends for all the feedback and encouragement, I look forward to sharing more with you and enjoying your hubs as well!

    • indianjohn profile image

      indianjohn 8 years ago from INDIA

      nice hub, great life

      i was also like you

      thanks for sharing

      blessing always

      warm regards,


    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Awwww...thanks! Mighty Mom, let me know too and I'll post the link on mine like I did hers!

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Why do I think everyone who grew up during those years had identical experiences with siblings? I so remember those imaginary lines in the back of the car. And spending entire days at the pool in summers. And many of the games you played.

      You've inspired me to write a similar hub and when I do I'll link.

      Here's to us! MM

    • Pamela Laird profile image

      Pamela Laird 8 years ago

      Brings back a lot fo memories. I remember fighting for the death seat (fron seat)--we alwas wanted to sit in the front--who knew we'd be the first to die in a crash. LOL

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      Thanks KCC BC, the link to your hub is below!!

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing your memories! I'll post a link to this hub on my own hub about my memories of growing up in the 60s and 70s!