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Is My Child Ready To Potty Train? 8 Signs That Your Child Is Ready To Use The Potty!

Updated on July 20, 2017

Is My Child Ready To Start Potty Training?

Remember when your baby was first born, and there diapers were so tiny and cute? You probably wondered why everyone makes such a big deal about it! Then one fateful day your baby pooped, it went everywhere, and you realized how much you hated diapers!

It's no secret that parents are ready for their kids to be potty trained, well before their child is ready! However, it is important to wait for them to start showing signs of readiness, otherwise your just going to deter them from ever wanting to use a toilet! Some children may start showing signs as early as two years, while others might not want anything to do with it until almost four years!

Below you will find a list of signs to look for, but it is important to remember that just because you are ready to throw the diapers away for good, your child may not be ready to potty train! That is okay! Just be patient, and keep reintroducing them to the toilet, they will get it eventually!

1. Basic Understanding Skills

Can your child follow simple directions such as put the toy in the basket or give Elmo a kiss on the belly? Your baby needs to have an understanding of the world around them and how to follow direction in this world. Otherwise, how will they be expected to know that they have to ask to go pee, on the potty, in the bathroom?

2. What's That / Is It Mine?

Does your child show interest in the potty? Do they show signs of understanding what the potty is and what you use it for? Or have the become curios about the toilet and what you are doing on it? You should begin talking about what the toilet is and what it is used for when you notice these behaviors.

3. Longer Dry Spells

Your toddler will need to be able to stay dry for long periods of time when they are no longer in diapers. Longer dry times between diapers is a good indicator that your child might be ready to start wearing underwear. Expect accidents at first but it is easier to train a child in underpants rather then diapers because old habits die hard!

4. Going On A Schedule

Your child's success rate does not depend on them alone! A lot of it depends on you and your ability to anticipate when they are going to be most likely to use the potty. Waiting until your toddler has a normal BM schedule will help you to catch them at the right time!

5. Dresses/Undresses Themselves

Can your wee one get undressed on their own? Do they at least try to? Training will be much easier if your toddler can pull their pants up and down on their own!

6. Poop Goes Here

Your baby will need to understand their bodily functions before you can even think about training. They should know what poo/pee is and might even be telling you when they go in their diaper. If they cannot tell you when they have peed in their diaper, how can they tell you they have to go to the potty?

7. No More Yucky Diapers!

A good sign that your toddler will be sucessful at training is when they start to become uncomfortable with dirty diapers. They will probably be trying to take them off themselves at this stage in their development. When you notice them not wanting to stay in a soiled diaper for any length of time , jump on the potty train!

8. Starts Communicating About The Potty/ Need To Go

Most children will be able to talk at least a small amount when they are ready to begin using the toilet and this is important. Even if your child is a late talker and cannot tell you when they have to go to the potty, they should be able to at least give you non-verbal cues of some kind. Without a basic communication of some sort you wont succeed.

Basically if your little one is showing an interest in the bathroom/ toilet, wanting to watch you go, showing signs of being able to hold their bladder for an extended period of time, or even coming out and asking to use the bathroom they are ready. It is never to early to start laying the foundation for potty training. Find books about going to the potty and read them together early in your babies development stages, let them see you use the bathroom so they have a basic knowledge of what it is used for early on, or talk to them about it here and there to prepare them for the day that they will be able to wear big girl/boy undies and use the big potty just like mommy and daddy! Toddlers love to do what you do and to be included in adult activities and you can use this to your advantage! If you can make your toddler feel included, give them the time they need without feeling pressured, make it seem like a fun game instead of a chore, and be patient through the process your child will be unlikely to fail!

There are a million little signs that I could tell you to look for, or that others will most likely tell you that you HAVE to look for, but at the end of the day only you know when your baby is ready to transition from diapers to the potty. Potty training is a process and will take a lot of time and understanding from you to make your child comfortable. The more support your baby receives the more likely they will be to succeed, and when they do yo can finallaly burn the diapers -_0!!

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    • ArianaLove profile image

      ArianaLove 22 months ago

      My mother was the town nanny and she raised many babies, including myself, my siblings and her grandchildren. She begins potty training as soon as they're walking. That's when she says they're ready and it's always worked for her. She's gets them trained early!

    • mireland19 profile image

      Meagan Ireland 22 months ago from Maine

      I absolutely feel like this could be true! My daughter just turned two and I have been working with her for a while now, not pushing her but just putting the basic building blocks in place and she actually peed on the potty tonight for the very first time! Funny I just wrote this last night and tonight she does that!

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