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When Your Loved One Has Depression and Anxiety

Updated on August 24, 2015

Depression and Anxiety are two very sad and heartbreaking things that one and a loved one has to go through. It is hard to take care of someone going through it but it is extra hard of the one who is going through it. The one who is going through it feels like their world is crashing down. If you have a loved one who is suffering from anxiety and depression there are ways to cope.

Someone who has anxiety and depression is already anxious and upset so yelling at being very negative will only make the situation worse. Do not go around complaning how your life is so hard because you have to take care of someone who has anxiety and depression. Do you think that the person you care about wants to have anxiety and depression? They are sufffering from a condition and need to snap out of it. Hearing you nag constantly and make them feel bad is only going to put them in worse condition. Instead try to be calm around them. It is not easy because taking care of someone in that state can be hard but remember if it is hard for you it is even extra hard on them. People who depression and anxiety are in a sensitive state and have to be treated with tenderness and care.

Try to get them out of the house. Making them stay in their room is only going to make things worse. Anxiety can sometimes be due to stress of overthinking. When one is idle and overthinking about things it could cause them anxiety. Take them to a movie or go somewhere fun to get them out of the house and their mind off of the problem.

Be positive around them. Do not go putting toxic thoughts in their head. If they meet someone do not make them doubt that that person will call them. You may think that you are protecting them but by telling someone that someone will not call before it happens is not protecting. Just because you had bad experiences in the past does not mean that your offspring or loved ones will also. You do not know every situation and putting negative thoughts into your loved ones head is wrong. It is not protecting it is hurting. Instead be happy for them and let them be okay with whatever happens. Do not make them jump to conclusions that that person is not going to call.

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Make sure they are doing relaxing things that they enjoy. Anxiety is brought upon stress and depression is when someone is unhappy. Get them to do hobbies that they love to put them in a good mood and get their mind off of their problems. If they love singing go with them out for karaoke or encourage them to join a chior. There are meet up groups that have all different activities from painting to languages to even book clubs. Encourage your loved one who is going through this difficult time to get out there and do something they enjoy to make them smile again.

Put yourself in his or her shoes. How would you want to be treated if you had anxiety or depression? Would you want to be yelled at? Yelling only makes things worse. The person is tense enough. They need to calm down their nerves not get even more worked up then they already are.

Get him or her to therapy so they could get the right help. You could do what you could at home but if it is a serious condition they may need to go see someone to talk to who can help them with their condition.

If you have a loved one who has anxiety and depression you are not alone. There are many people in the world who suffer from it and there are people in the world who caretakers for those people. It is not an easy job. Just have patience, faith and keep positive. Remember the next time you complain that this is a burden to you if this is hard you taking care of someone who has this imagine if you were the one who was going through it.


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    • profile image

      Liz 2 years ago

      I recommend that after reading this article that one reads the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) V for further information and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mood disorder Major Depression and of the sub types of depression (anxiety included). A list of the sub types of depression are: Melancholic Depression, Atypical Depression, Catatonic Depression, Postpartum Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Some forms of management for depression are psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, antidepressants (always consult your doctor before taking any antidepressants) and electroconvulsive therapy just to mention a few.

    • Viki Pan profile image

      Viki Pan 2 years ago

      Jpanaro982, I've read your article and I can't but agree with you that if your loved one suffers from depression and anxiety, it really makes sense to help the person handle the problem. But first, it is crucial to find out the real causes of such behaviour, because you won't be able to handle the situation until you know what exactly has triggered it. I can't tell how I woud behave in a situation like this, but I'm sure I'll try my best effort to help my husband or family member get over it. Thanks for your recommendations, they may help many people solve their psychological probems.