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When an Adult, Become Like a Child

Updated on November 20, 2015

Adults Don't Want to Adult

So as I was going through my feed on facebook, I saw a quote that said something along the lines of "I don't want to be an adult anymore. If you need me, I'll be coloring inside my blanket fort." I love that depiction of someone who is through with the stresses of the adult life and exchanges it for a more simple, child-like atmosphere. When we are young, we spend most of our thoughts on dreaming about what it will be like to grow up. When we become adults, we struggle to remember why we ever thought growing up would be glamorous. We also wish that we could be children again, not caring about the issues of life. Both age groups can learn from one another. Children can gain wisdom and learn to appreciate the time they have while adults can become more child-like in their perspective on life. The latter idea is of greater focus in the book of Matthew when Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Mat. 18:3).

How Children Act

I have been working with children for the past few years and most of them do not withhold their personality from anyone. It is so amazing to watch young children form their own opinions and discover what makes themselves unique. The joy that proceeds from their presence is immense. Even if they have a bad day, they are quick to reignite a smile on their face the next day. The passion and wonder that is contained in those small people can be seen in how big their eyes get when they ask a question. They have a curiosity that seems endless at times. They aren't normally satisfied with a "because I said so" kind of answer, and they shouldn't be either. Adults can take that opportunity to join in the curiosity of their child.

A Child's Kingdom

A child will readily receive anything that his parent is willing to give him. This is how adults need to act toward God, completely open to Him with nothing holding them back. The Bible says in Psalm 119:32, "I run in the path of your commandments, for you have set my heart free." The reason most children do not hesitate is because they are free. From a child's perspective, the whole world is their playground. Their kingdom consists of nothing but goodness and they have free access to all of it. It's possible for adults to become child-like in an adult-like world because God's word says it's possible. A child's kingdom soon becomes tainted when they hear that their dreams might not come true, when they hear that they might not be good enough, or when they hear that the world no longer has any good in it. Their pure thoughts become changed by receiving what other people think to be true about their world. Children have to learn to worry. Most fears are unnatural and are a product of thinking like a typical adult. Sometimes going to God is a process of stripping away the rigid adult so that God is able to see the vulnerable loving child that He created on the inside.


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