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When the Brat Grows Up

Updated on June 3, 2021


When I use the term ‘Spoiled Brat’ one imagines a child under ten. But there are Spoiled Brats who have long since entered adulthood.

They are obnoxious people, selfish, cold, with limited understanding of reality.

Child brats have the chance to grow out of their sense of entitlement. If their parents are alert, they can perform actions to truncate the Brat behaviour.

Adult Brats have no open door. They are sealed into their twisted views and never appreciate how much they have lost and will continue to lose.

It is not odd to meet a thirty six year old Spoiled Brat suddenly hit in the face by reality. Who suddenly realises that they are nobody.


If the Brat is weaned from the belief in his/her superiority and belief in being central to the universe at an early age, then many of the most repugnant traits can be overwritten.

If the Brat gets one of those rude awakenings, whether deliberately left out, or the target of disgust by school mates, then there might be a reassessment.

If the Brat is made to realise his/her insignificance, and that only the parents think s/he is special at a young enough age, the stage of brat hood ends.

But most grow up thinking they are entitled.

They cut out all those who don't defer to them, who don't give them what they want until they have a small circle of family and a few friends which hang on for what they can get.


Many Brats go into the workforce with a sense of their own brilliance. Sometimes their confidence nets them an enviable job.

Their treatment of co-workers, their attitude of importance often causes them to lose the position.

Transfers to the most repugnant offices are made, the Brat turns it down, the contract is terminated, and the Brat needs to find another job.

S/he will never examine why such a transfer was offered, why anyone could believe that s/he would take it.

That the company wanted to get rid of him/her is never given a thought by the Brat. Everyone else, hearing the story knows that the purpose was to get rid of the Brat.

Further, after this, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Brat to get an equivalent position as no one is going to recommend him/her.

Previous employers may phrase answers to the questions in such manner than wise eyes will understand that although capable of doing the job, the personality, (or lack thereof) makes the Brat difficult to work with.

As Time passes

Most Brats have an inflated belief in their brilliance and competence. Since Mommy and Daddy always told Brat how perfect s/he is, Brat does not have the capacity to assess.

They are incapable of seeing other people as equals, recognising their own mistakes, and expect everyone else to take special care with them.

That they fail, that they are ridiculed is unrecognised by them, seen by the world.

As they get older they often have failed relationships or those which have barriers.

They become angry and cut off people who do not pander to their desires or demands.

If Brat is having a party everyone in her circle is to drop everything, tear up their schedule, and attend. Those who do not attend will be cut off forever unless they apologise.

For the Brat can not comprehend that her party is not the most important thing in other people's lives. It is impossible for her to imagine that anyone would find anything more important than her party.

Blame the Parents

A Brat has a sense of entitlement, of superiority, of being better than others. A Brat feels no need to be nice or kind.

If the Parents do not make the effort to reform the Brat, to punish and penalise for the poor behaviour, the child will march into the world with the belief in superiority.

If the schools, the other students, do not wake the Brat out of his/her fantasy, then s/he will go into the world making enemies, losing opportunities.

It is the fault of the Parents who pander to the child's every need, who inflict no penalties for bad behaviour.


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