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When your little baby turns into a toddler

Updated on March 31, 2012

This is a question for all the parents out there reading my article. How did you feel when your small baby suddenly turned into a big toddler on his first birthday??

Yes, i have been pondering over this question since a few days. And thats how this article came to my mind. Seeing my 17 months old toddler these days when she is trying to become more and more independent each day, i compare her to the days when she was a small baby.

When my little girl was born, i was so afraid to even hold her thinking that my big hands do not hurt my delicate baby. I was dependent upon my mother and mother-in-law so much for her care. For me, that seemed to be one of the most difficult times of having kids. Even a single cry of my baby would make me worry about her to the hell. She was dependent so much on us, on her parents for every single move of hers.

But when i see her after 17 months, i feel that baby phase was much easier than this toddler phase. Oh yes, this is the fact for me. When she was a small baby, i just had to sit beside her and watch her play. I need not worry that she may get hurt because she was not that movable. But today, i feel i am running the whole day. Since my girl started crawling, things have become more difficult for me but after her walking phase started, i feel i am always busy. I have to look after her each and every moment because i don't know when she will hit something or the other and get hurt. Yes, my toddler girl is superactive. May be that's one of the reasons that i am running throughout the day behind her :-)

And how can we forget the toddler tantrums!!! Its really difficult at times to handle those little angry toddlers. Another big difference i find in the toddler and baby phase is the food habits. Being a baby she was learning to eat, so she loved it. And now she is understanding the taste and flavour. So, it all depends on her mood whether she will eat a particular food or not. It is more difficult but sometimes easy to feed her now. Sometimes she herself loves to eat which makes me free of worries.

By writing all these, i don't mean that i am going through a tough time. Its just my comparison of the baby phase and the toddler phase. One of the biggest enjoyment of the toddler phase is my talkative toddler. I love listening to her all day. Everytime i fall in love with her when she calls me "Mamma". I love her growing independence. I love the way she tries to copy everything we say and everything we do. Infact, i feel if you have a toddler at home, you will never be bored.

But watever be the case, i am sure we all love our growing toddlers far more than when they were babies because of the sense of independence and social behavior they show.


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