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Where are the Instructions?? First Baby What to do?

Updated on September 4, 2017
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I am a mother of 7 children and I hope my articles will help all parents deal with their children or expecting parents with questions.

What to do First...

The planning for this part should have already started while you were pregnant. Around your second trimester is when you need to start planning for the nursery, work schedules, babysitter and how much maternity leave are you going to take? Are you going to return to work at all?

The nursery is normally the hardest thing to do. If you decide to know the baby's sex then things will be a little easier but if not that is okay also. Just remember make it a happy place filled with bright colors and relaxing tones. Make sure not to clutter it too much with animals and such, there will be a lot of moving around once you bring the baby home. Use your imagination and make it a place that both you and your baby feel relaxed in, lets face it you will be spending a lot of time there soon.

Having someone lined up to babysit is a must, even if you decide not to go back to work. You and your partner are going to need sometime for each other. A date night is the best way to remind each other that your relationship is still vibrant. If you decide to go back to work then of course you will need one full time. This shouldn't be a hard choice especially if you have family that will help. If not then talk to some of your friends that have children and ask them their recommendations on sitters or sitting agencies. Every parent needs alone time so you know they have someone tucked away somewhere that they call for those special nights out. Many companies also will have daycare services which is the best way to go. Not only is it convenient but you can check on them during the day. If your company does not have a daycare but employs a lot of parents, this may be your opportunity to introduce the idea. Some very successful businesses have found that offering daycare to their parent employees have help them into increasing their productivity. When a parent does not have to worry about their child they are happier at work. That is a proven fact.

Just take your time and weigh all your options. Don't push yourself to have every little detail set in stone because let's face it this is the real world and nothing works the way we plan it.

Spend Quality Time Together....

Babies Home, Now What?

Relax and breathe, there will be plenty of time for panic later. Just take time to spend with your new baby. Get to know them, how they look and even what type of cries they make. It may be hard to distinguish at first but they have a different cry for each thing wrong with them. Take some time to create that mother child bond that many newborns need to help them develop into happy children.

A newborns sleeping schedule is going to be a little wacky when they first come home. They may try to sleep all day and stay up all night. There is nothing wrong with allowing your baby to stay in their crib at while you sleep as long as they are not excessively crying. Excessive crying can cause a baby to make themselves sick, even showing a fever at times because they get upset. If the baby does cry try to comfort them with a mobile that plays soothing music or even those ones that play music while displaying colors on the ceiling. I have found that most of those work very nicely. Don't leave too many thick blankets in their crib. Babies have tendency to reach and grab and could pull a thick blanket over their face. Small thin swaddling blankets are usually okay but just keep an ear open to make sure.

Although it may be difficult and your baby will get cranky, try to keep them up most of the day. This will help them understand the difference between day and night. But try and grab some sleep while they nap just in case you have a long night ahead of you. Swaddling is another idea you can use to help comfort your baby. The swaddling reminds them of being inside the womb and makes them feel more comfortable and secure. It is a good idea to keep noises to a minimum but everything does not have to be completely silent. A mothers womb amplifies noises so while you baby is use to hearing loud things sudden extremely loud noises will startle them and cause them to wake up.

Peaceful Baby Means Happy Baby

Planning Ahead....

The best advice anyone can give you about being a new parent is to plan ahead. Now that doesn't just include when you are leaving home, even at home when doing things make sure you have everything you need close by.

First time parents normally go overboard when leaving home. A day out does not require two suitcases, but make sure to have wipes, diapers, extra change of clothes, extra bottles, bottled water and formula. Even carrying an extra onsie or two wouldn't hurt but remember you are the one carrying it around so save yourself some trouble and just carry the essentials. Trust me it will get heavy after a while.

At home make sure you have everything close at hand when you are doing anything with the baby. Bath time is a good example, make sure you have a clean outfit already set out with the diaper and cream or lotion you use on the baby. Having everything within an arms reach will help you considerably. You already have enough in your hands with the baby so you don't need any last minute "Oh I forgot that" moments.

Take the time you need to prepare everything and don't be in a hurry. That is normally when you forget everything is when you are rushed.

You will be proud...

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Before you know it You will be a pro!!!


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