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Where Are You Grandpa?

Updated on July 21, 2019
saraz profile image

Sara is a writer and Civil Engineer. She lives in Pakistan. Her vision is to spread optimistic thoughts, hope, patriotism, and motivation.

It’s midnight and I am sitting by my window,

Stars are twinkling in the sky,

Moon is playing hide and seek with clouds,

Darkness is penetrating deep inside me,

I was thinking that how your loved ones left you,

Still, we learn to live without them,

Some events, incidents we do not choose,

And never wanted to be a part of that,

Time will never stop but it is the best healer,

Every human being has to taste the flavor of death,

It’s the bitter reality, I know

No one can deny this truth,

Sometimes your mind and heart takes more time to accept such realities,

Indeed it’s impossible to forget those who are close to your heart,

Grandparents- Full of Love, respect, honor, and understanding,

My Grandpa, who was my dearest friend,

The most important personality of my life,

Left me almost six years ago,

I can’t express my love for him in words,

The thought that now he is not with me is the feeling of extreme pain,

You know Grandpa whenever I felt alone,

I started talking to you and feels that you are listening to me,


Grandpa where are you?

Where have you gone?

To whom I will call many times a day?

Who will ask about my daily life routine?

To whom I will discuss what had happened in my office?

Who will ask about my exams?

Who will pray for me at midnight?

To whom I’ll inform first regarding my exam right after leaving examination hall?

Who will say u cooked great today?

With whom I will share each and everything?

I do have lots of stuff to share,

Your generous heart understands what I want to say,

U know after entering the home when u asked for my presence,

Grandpa, to whom I’ll answer here I am,

Sometimes I feel that you’ll come and answer me,

You know when I paid a visit to your final resting place,

Brother hold my hand so gently and said let’s go dear,

I said no please wait here for some more time,

How can I leave my Grandpa very soon?

I was looking at that site unless and until it became invisible to me,

I still remember each and every moment of my life which I spent with you,

Grandpa Where are you?

Where are you?

Please...Please…come for only once,

I want to hug you,

Please come just for only one time,

I am missing you so much,

Grandpa, I need you,

Sometimes it’s impossible to live without you,

I can still feel your unique smell and warmth of your hug,

U know not even a single day has passed without remembering you,

You have given such sweet and wonderful memories,

No one in this world can fulfill that gap,

But yeah I am sure your prayers are enough till the last breath of my life,

And Grandpa I know that;

You are Allah’s guest and enjoying in Paradise; a peaceful place,

I can’t even stop my tears but I believe that I will meet you soon,

Because this life is too short not a permanent one.

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.


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