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What Yearly Memberships are worth the price for kids?

Updated on May 4, 2012
Hanging by the Pool
Hanging by the Pool

Why I buy Yearly Memberships

As a teacher I have always had my summers off and as a current stay home mom I am realizing what needs to take priority in our budget. There are a few thing that I am going to say need to stay in the budget so the sake of my sanity and the kids.

These are yearly memberships to certain activities that allow the kids and I some freedom to get out and play without having to penny pinch or freak out at the enormous daily price. these memberships allow us to go multiple times to places we enjoy and not have to stay the entire day. This is a big bonus if you have toddler that need a nap mid day. I don't have to push through and force them to be cranky and awake. We can climb in the car and they will be fast asleep for the next several hours while I am able to work on the things that need to get done.

Go NU!
Go NU!

Places that I have bought memberships


If your area has a pool and you can get a yearly membership it will pay off. We go when they first open in the morning stay for an hour or two and when it starts to get too busy we leave. At the water park in our area members even get in a half an hour before they technically open for business allowing us to stake out our spots and play before there are lines. We also have a local pool within walking distance that we frequent in the evenings after dinner. Nothing like getting the kids clean in the pool, shower off, and straight to bed for two exhausted toddlers.


We have done several zoo passes in the past and I really have to get mine for this year still. This is a great activity all year round. My kids love animals and there is always something new to see and do. Our zoo also has a kids area and playground. We can bring a lunch and have a picnic and watch the animals. Makes any day extraordinary


We love these types of passes for winter time. We have a wonderful place called the treehouse that used to be on our way home from work. They offered three - month membership plans, which we always purchased at the end of November and used for the next three months to get the kids moving and playing when it was too cold for the parks.

4. Amusement Parks

My kids are there yet but I can already see those Six Flags Passes on the horizon. We used to live 15 minutes away from Great America and my hubby and I had passes for several years pre kiddos. When I was a kid I used to dream what it would be like to live close to Great America and as an adult I got to experience it first hand, it was fun at that point in my life, now I am not so sure but I do know that someday my boys are going to love it there.

5. College Sports Package

Okay this one is all for my husband. We live near some great college sports. My husband found a family package for the football games a few years ago that was a great deal for the whole season. We go to all the home college games, get invited to meet the players nights, pre-game events, and get free tickets a few other sports games. I enjoy this, but not as much as the kids or my husband. This is one that is staying in the budget because it is something we enjoy and we plan to keep the tickets for years to come.

Choose your Yearly Memberships Carefully

We choose our memberships carefully based on our schedule, the kids ages, and interests. Last year we only did our football tickets and pool passes. This year even though there is slightly less money in the budget I am also adding the zoo back in. We have several friends that have zoo memberships and we can go with them weekly, I am not working and have more free time, and we now live closer to the zoo so we can go more often without it being a huge trip.

The pool passes are always a must in our household. It also helps cut down on the cost of air conditioning because we spend evenings lounging around in cool water before we come home and get ready for bed.

We are also able to get a great deal of the museum passes from the local library. We prefer to visit many different museums so we don't get passes for the year to one specific one. We are able to visit aquariums and museums throughout the year by watching for coupons and free days. Check your local library for more information on children's activities. Many have ways to check out passes for a huge discount or free.


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