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Why Authoritative Parenting Style Is Best for Your Child?

Updated on September 8, 2020

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is parenting style?

The parenting styles generally express how the parents look after their child, how they love their child, how and to what extent parents fulfill the needs and desires of their child, how they teach their his morals, his behavior and goals. What rules and limits they set for their child for the maintenance of child’s discipline and development of responsibility in him.


Authoritative Parenting Style

Authoritative parenting style is considered the best parenting style by many researchers and observers. This type of parenting style includes controlling your child with warmth, encouraging your child to develop himself intellectually, mentally, physical and emotionally. At the same time, the parents develop their own autonomy and maintain a proper disciplinary life for their child.


Why authoritative parenting style is better than authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parenting style?

Here are the reasons why authoritative parents are best.

Controlled warmth and love:

Authoritative parents control their child with warmth and love in a controlled way which develops a sense of friendly, balanced and cooperative behavior in them. On the other hand, authoritarian parents have no loving attitude for their child which results in unfriendly and aggressive behavior in child. Neglecting parenting styles also lack warm behavior and affection with their child and the outcome of this is unfriendly and antisocial behavior in child. Permissive parents show uncontrolled and extreme love and nurturing behavior which also exploits the child because he will be having no sense of right and wrong when all of his demands are fulfilled.

Support and Guidance by parents:

Child needs both support and guidance for setting his goals, establishing his carrier and for living a happy and disciplined life.

Authoritative parents teach their child about his limits and guide him according to his interest and his age too. They motivate their child according to his capabilities and resources.

While authoritarian parents just set standards for their child which the child has to fulfill by hook or by crook and this creates an attitude like a robot in child because after this, firstly he has no desires of his own and if he has, he cannot achieve his own goals.

Permissive parents have no interest in this domain too. They neither set standards for their child nor guide him for his life goals and carrier.

Neglecting or uninvolved type of parents also have no interest in child’s future, his carrier, goals or activities.

Due to the reasons given above, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parents lead their child to the failure in his carrier and future.

Maintenance of discipline and rules:

Proper discipline and implication of rules play a major role in child’s personality and behavior.

Authoritative parents create a proper disciplined environment for their child and have control over their child which leads the child to independent, responsible and achievement oriented behavior.

On the contrary, authoritarian parents have strict rules and regulations can even sometimes be unnecessary but they demand proper following of their instructions.

Permissive and neglecting parents have no disciplined environment for their child which leads to socially withdrawn and irresponsible character in child.

Method of application of Rules:

Method of enforcing rules and standards on child also have significance in development of child.

Authoritative parents guide their child about his morals values in a very polite and understandable manner with a nurturing behavior while implementing rules. The result of this kind of attitude is cooperative behavior by the child.

While authoritarian parents forcefully imply rules and instructions on their child and this results in moody behavior of child.

Permissive and neglecting parents have nothing to do with the rules and their implications which is the most devastating for child’s personality.

Two-way communication:

Communication between child and parents plays a vital role in development of child which is shown only by authoritative parents.

Authoritative parents listen to the problems and needs of their child and alter their attitude according to the nature of child because some little beings are over sensitive while some are stubborn to that level even uncontrollable for parents. So the parent should behave according to child’s nature.

While authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parentings styles have no two-way communication between them and the parents and child continue to behave in their own respective manners irrespective of each other’s nature. Because of no communication between them, problems like harassment and bullying are faced by the child and this may lead to a self-punishing aspect in child’s behavior.

Kids are like a mirror, what they see and hear they do. Be a good reflection for them.

— K.Heath

How can authoritative parenting style make a youngster a responsible citizen?

A child learns from his surroundings and his parents. If the parents are responsible and they practice a nurturing and understandable behavior in brought up of their child, he/she will also be a responsible citizen. These characteristics are available in authoritative parents. Parents can develop a spirit of social works and care for everyone in the child by their calm and caring attitude and this proves to be beneficial for parents as well as for society.

Moreover, in the agents of socialization, the first agents is the Family. Which means family plays an important part in socializing role of child and is responsible for specially youth’s behavior. Family determines the child’s attitude towards religious beliefs and career goals.

Authoritative parents build their child’s self-esteem by comforting him, guiding him, evaluating child’s capacity, interests, resources, motivating him and praising him. They have warm guiding behavior but in return, they demand obedience. They build sense of responsibility in child by providing him a disciplined and controlled environment and through negotiation.

While authoritarian parents have an impolite behavior and their child becomes moody in many cases which leads to irresponsibility.

Other parenting styles also lead the child towards a poor future and lack of responsibility and independence.

So authoritative parenting style can lead a child towards a responsible youngster.


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