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Which Sports to Choose for Your Child

Updated on March 17, 2017

Your child has grown up enough, and you are thinking about his spare time. Usually, parents choose some developing sections, music school or language courses. But often the choice falls on the sports sections.

Why do we choose sports sections for our children

Partly we do it due to the fact that everyone does this. In addition, we wish our children only the best. To make them healthy, active and at the same level of development, we help them to find themselves in sports.

Often sports sections are recommended by doctors, teachers or friends. It is evident that it is useful and interesting if they are chosen correctly.

What sports section to choose for a child

Often we choose for the child a section that is the nearest to the house. This is a completely understandable solution, because it will be much more convenient for him to get to classes. But location is not the most important factor in choosing a section. If the child does not like it, the section is unlikely to be useful.

When choosing a section, first of all think about what the child will get from it.


Children often start to attend karate classes since the age of 5-6 years. Karate does not provide for children only health-strengthening exercises, but also self-defense skills, the ability to find solutions in stressful situations, a strong character, the will to win.

In karate class, your child will be educated in the spirit of Japanese soldiers. He or she will be taught not to get into a fight, avoid using force in conflicts, respect the elders, appreciate what he or she has, and honor the family. You can not be afraid that because of training the child will become more aggressive or angrier. On the contrary, he or she will be taught to direct energy in the right place and control his or her emotions.

The main disadvantage is the low efficiency of such training for self-defense. Non-contact fighting is safe during training, but it does not prepare for real fighting. However, here the result depends both on the character of the child, and on the coach.


Judo is not only a martial art, but also a philosophy that originated in Japan. He has all the advantages of karate, but for self-defense it will be more effective.

A child engaged in karate contactless fighting is afraid of hitting a bully. But a small judoka can throw an opponent through the thigh, free himself from the grips and stand up for himself in a fight or brawl. School hooligans do not hurt him for sure.


One of the most popular sections for children of different ages is gymnastics. Gymnastics strengthens the growing body and immunity of the child, normalizes weight, develops strength, agility, plasticity, endurance, aligns posture and gradually solves the problem of flat feet.

In gymnastics classes, the child not only learns to achieve individual successes and set personal records, but also interacts with partners on the team.

Different directions of gymnastics make it possible to choose what the child really likes, and the specificity of training is to pass through some time to other sections where plasticity and dexterity are in demand.


Ballroom, oriental, folk, modern dance - both boys and girls can find what they like. Plasticity, agility, strength, endurance – all of that is what dances will bring to your children. Perhaps these skills will be useful to the child in the future or will encourage dancing professionally.


You can choose football both for boys and girls. It strengthens physical strength and endurance, helps the child to become an authority among peers in games, brings up the skills of working in a team.

Small players who have perseverance and talent have every chance to get into professional sports. Football – is a kind of activity in the open air, so the health effect of training is undeniable.


Cycling does not suit everyone. This is an intensive endurance training, which implies a constant overcoming of different distances in complexity and requires a certain character. Cycling develops endurance, improves heart function, develops musculature.

If you want a child to become hardy, stubborn in achieving his goals and setting records, adhered to a healthy lifestyle, then offer him cycling.

Water sports

After visiting the pool, the child will understand whether it is interesting for him/her or not. When he/she learns to swim, you can choose what to do next: water polo, diving, diving or synchronized swimming. Swimming develops all muscle groups, strengthens immunity, hardens, helps to harmoniously develop physically. A huge advantage of swimming is that it aligns the posture, and this is true for almost all children, because they spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

But to stay on the water you need to learn first, but this all takes a different amount of time depending on the intensity of training. Perhaps during the training the child will hate water and classes. But when he/she sails without the help of a coach, he/she will understand that all efforts were worth making for the result.

Figure skating

A child can begin skating from the age of four. But you need to be prepared for the fact that you will first have to learn him/her how to fall. Bruises, pain, tears and stubborn training - this is the way to success in figure skating. On the other hand, the child has the opportunity to grow and develop, create something beautiful and do what really admires others.

Figure skating’s peculiarity also is that progress will be clearly visible and will bring satisfaction not only to you, but also to the young athlete.


This is another team sport which strengthens the spirit as well as martial arts. As in figure skating, you will first have to skate. There will pain, tears and disappointments.

But then the child will learn how to work in a team, strive for excellence and win. Ice-hockey is dangerous because of injuries, so think about whether it is worth it. In ice-hockey, there are also great prospects for getting into professional sports.


You can choose for your child that section which it is more convenient to get. And you can make a significant contribution to his or her development and give something for which he or she will remain grateful to you for the rest of your life.

Decide for yourself what do you want from the sports section, and what your child does. Then you will have every chance to make the right choice.


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