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Which websites should be blocked for kids

Updated on August 28, 2011

As internet serves as a major information hub, not just adults but even children browse internet for help related to project and research material. Other than education internet also serves as a major entertainment media for kids with lot of online games and videos to download, not to forget the social networking sites that keep children completely glued to the computer. But when it comes to cyber surfing, with information related to education and reseach, kids are also exposed to information which may not be appropriate for their age and understanding. Moreover if parents don't keep a watch and control over the use of internet in right manner then a kids are also known to fall prey to cyber crimes or cyberbullying. Hence the ideal way to deal with all this is by paying proper attention and taking right steps at the right time.

How few websites can pose danger for kids

Its all about wrong teaching and exposure to certain things that make it dangerous for kids. Innocent kids are known to fall prey to such cyber crimes. Cyber criminals are known to create fake identities and many children fall prey to such fake profiles by accepting their friendship request. These fake people slowly and steadily start with chats and then try to seek as much information they can get. In many cases kids are known to provide phone numbers and home addresses to these people without any idea of how they are been used. A child may realize that he have been cheated only after its too late. Fraudulent sites may gain access to a child's personal information and allow the child to expose himself to adult chat rooms or pornographic sites.

So the ideal way to handle this situation is by blcoking kids from such websites whicha re fraudulent and unreliable. Parents should block certain websites for kids which they consider as inappropriate.

Which websites should be block for kids

Once you decide that you go ahead with blocking websites for kids, then the list of websites that should be blocked for kids should include sites that contain adult content, online shopping websites, free game download website, website with violent content, social networking websites, gambling sites, criminal websites as well as websites which helps a child download pirated music.

How to block certain websites for kids

1. You can't really stop a child from being online, hence first make a list of sites which you want your child to access. Leading internet browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome as well as latest Internet Explorer provides you with blocking website option. One can reach for this option on the Preference Bar of the browser.

2. Try to be present within the room when you child goes net surfing.

3. If certain internet browser do not provide such options, yet they allow you add-ons for the similar feature.

4. Don't forget to check the browsing history to know which websites your child visits. Once you check the authenticity of a particular website and find it inappropriate or fraudulent, block it with the help of privacy settings.

5. Speak with your child about the potential danger he may face while visiting such fraudulent and dangerous websites. I am sure your child will be able to understand what he may be getting himself into.


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