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Who Makes A Good Father?

Updated on March 27, 2015

He stretched out his hands to me and my tiny fingers held his.

Suddenly i felt protected and loved

— A child
Father and Daughter Together
Father and Daughter Together

Being A Father

Being a father comes with many great and fun responsibilities that allows you to grow and understand your child or any other child for that matter. As a father, it is very important to form an unbreakable bond with your child. You can not just fertilize a woman's egg and then simply pay child support and call your self a father. A Father is a strong and powerful word and therefore any male that fatherhood has been bestowed upon must act in accordance with what the name means. Too often we have seen where fathers have been missing from children's lives allowing only the ever strong and trying mother to grow up and support the child. A child will need their father and surveys have shown that children with father's directly involved in their children's lives actually experience a better lifestyle, happier and seldom gets involved in trouble with the law. Lets look of some of the things that makes a man a good father.

Father sleeping with his baby
Father sleeping with his baby

Financial Support

As we are all aware, no one on this earth can survive without some sort of financial support. It doesn't matter what type or form the support comes in. Whether it be begging, food stamps, inheritance or employment. Every single child needs some sort of financial support and that financial support should first come from the parents once they are in good standings to provide such. A good father will support his child financially in any way he possibly can. This financial support is extremely critical to the child's survival and growth in life.

  • Food
    This is no secret that nutrition is necessary for any human being to be healthy and grow properly. We have seen many times where fathers have even neglected to buy simple foods for their own children.
  • Clothing
    A good father will ensure that his child is always properly clothed. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will need t provide the newest fashion trends, it simply means that you are the one to ensure that a shirt is always on his/her back.
  • Education
    One of the most important financial support you could ever give your child. There is a saying that says "Education is key". Yes, good education is key to being successful in life. Education can be quite expensive as we all know. But i am sure there are ways and means of giving your child a good sound education so later in life they will be able to naturally survive on their own and live a more fruitful life.
  • Shelter
    Would you believe that there are children who are in shelters that do have fathers? A father is responsible to ensure that his child has a good roof over his head and is at least comfortable in the environment he/she is gown in.

Father feeding daughter
Father feeding daughter

Fostering a Good Relationship

  • Every child sees his dad as a magnificent man, maybe the superhero in his/her life. Many times sons emulate their fathers and will do and act how their father does and act. It is of the utmost importance that a father is not scared to let his emotions be shown towards his children no matter how old they are. Exercise and show love towards your child as this fosters children who perform better in society. When ever the time arrives, let your children know how much you love and appreciate them. Playing with your child always cements a bond from they are little until they grow. They will develop an emotional glue that will always be there between father and child.

Open Bonding

  • As your child grows, so will their feelings and thoughts and problems. It is always good to try to form a bond with your child so that they can come and speak with you about any problems they are facing, whether it be internal or external issues. Many times if children could speak to their fathers about problems they are facing or have that good father figure in their lives, they may not have gotten into many sticky situations because they would have him to guide their decision making.

Teaching Good Morals

  • It is not up to the teacher at the kindergarten school or the motivational speaker on the television to properly grow your child. It takes both parents to influence how the child grows and values instilled while the child grows. It is extremely important for fathers to teach their children good morals especially in a time when having good morals is being kicked to the curb and indiscipline is awarded with fame and fortune. When morals are taught by especially the father, it comes across with more authority than if the mother was to teach or instill them. Even though a father should be fun, loving, does crazy things with his child. He must also maintain that balance between love and discipline.

Did you grow up with a good father?

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Father and son playing
Father and son playing

Being a Role Model

Practice what you preach. Children are mimickers and emulators, especially when they are at a young and tender age. They look and absorb their environment and the people which resides in that environment, both in home, school or neighborhood. They are quite impressionable and the persons who they tend to want to follow mostly are the persons closer to them, friends and family. It is very important in a child's growth how the child sees his father. If he sees you as that wonderful person that loves him, loves his mother and works hard for the family while giving love and fun he will definitely have that character type locked in his subconscious for many years to come. If the father is a constant drunk and a regular jailer, that will certainly leave a bad and tasteless character build for your child. This is so bad that he/she just may end up later in life doing the very same negative things that the father have done. More often, it is actually the sons who emulate their fathers more and many-times walks in their footsteps.

child feeling protected by father
child feeling protected by father


A family will feel much more protected when there is a father at home. One main responsibility of a father is to always ensure that his child is and feels safe. No matter what are the elements, the child will always see his father as someone big and strong that fears nothing. A father has a much more intimidating look than mothers and many times predators will think twice before attempting any sick action when a father is present. Bullying is another major impact as to why children need fathers for protection. It doesn't mean that the father will go punch someone in the face, but i can tell you that a good warning from a father goes a very long way.

Strong Father, Strong Daughter. The cover says it all. A great read for the fathers who are growing wonderful daughters and needs to grow them strong so they have a better will and discipline in life. Have a look now!


Not because you are that wacky father who climbs on the top of the shed with your son and jumps off on a tone of piled leaves doesn't make you immune from disciplining your child. This is one of societies main problem right now. Children are not being disciplined as they ought to and what is the result of this; a society with little or no morals, a society where young teen girls prefer fishnet stockings than a beautiful dress, a young man who bullies the new kid while his friends cheer on and have a laugh about it. Disciplining your child doesn't mean that you will tie them to the post in the Sahara desert, it simply means that when a child does something wrong or say something disrespectful, the father should ensure that such negative actions are not fostered by enabling the necessary punishments. Be careful how you discipline your child though as this too can have negative effects in the child's life. Always speak to your child about a situation before applying punishment. Punishment should be only applied if the offense is repeated, not on the first go.


Being a Good father is really not difficult at all. All the things that i have mentioned within this article should be mandatory as soon as you realize that you are on your way to fatherhood. There are many sacrifices that sometimes needs to be made by fathers for the sake of your child. Do it and do it smiling knowing that the sacrifice being made is for a beautiful son or daughter that you love dearly. Just like how mothers are important and needed in a child's life, a good father is even much more important and well needed. So kudos to all the wonderful fathers who have shown nothing short of valiance, love, support and the many sacrifices they have made in order for their child to have a good life.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Thanks a lot frank, it is extremely important that children emulate good characteristics in life.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      Clive this is a fantastic article great for young new fathers.. I find most important the role model.. show the child what and who is a good dad.. great hub my friend

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      True words coming from daisy73...good points

    • profile image

      rubina 2 years ago from Bangladesh

      every man need to read this hub. I have a wonderful father he give me so love without terms and condition , if he order me to win everest , i start to do it without any hesitation.

      He give me so much without knowing criteria of a good father, but some father may have few or lots of deficiency .All father can have an obedient child if they give some quality time to their children.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Always exploring, you share the same situation with millions of people. Despite not growing with your father. You still ended up with a father figure which is also a very good thing once that father figure is decent and good. Many children wish they had some sort of father figure to look up to in life. Thanks for posting your comment.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This hub is a winner! Every man should read this and take heed. I loved the video. I did not know my father. My mother left him when I was two years old. I grew up with a stepfather. Thank's for writing a hub that is interesting and useful....

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Thanks for your comment Deborah Demander, I am truly sorry that you believe that about your father. Some children do because the father seldom expresses his feelings to his child or may not show a lot of attention. I will reiterate your statement. Fathers, love your children

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thank you for writing this article. I hope all fathers will read this and take it to heart.

      While you touched on many important things a father provides, the most important, in my opinion, is love.

      While my father sometimes provided the other, physical things, I never believed he loved me. I still don't.

      Fathers, love your children.