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Who Should You Trust to Watch Your Kids?

Updated on September 18, 2011

A reaction on the death of a two-year old girl who was killed by a trusted friend of the family

Last September 16, 2011, it has been reported that a two-year-old girl died due to strangulation imposed by a 21-year-old guy who seemingly released his anger and frustrations on the child. The perpetrator was still a boy when the family accepted him in. The family says that they wanted to help him back then because he seemed to have nowhere to go to. They even gave him his own room in the house.

Years later, one of the family members who took in the guy got married and she and her husband left their two-year old child with her aunt to work in another area to earn ample money for the family's financial needs.It was that one specific night that when the aunt of the child and the supposedly "trusted" guy caught each other in a fight. The guy released his frustration to the young child, strangled her and threw her into a basin full of water. It took minutes for the child to die. The child's parents were angered and shocked, not knowing what to do or who to blame. They were dumbfounded that the person they thought would never hurt their child was the one who killed her without a fight.

Like the parents of this young child, there are other parents who hope to find jobs that would suffice the family's financial needs. On the other hand though, they are left with the choice of finding someone with whom they can trust their children with. May it be a nanny or a trusted friend, parents ought to find more extensive measures on knowing who they are to leave their children with. Take note that all over the world, there have been several news reports released about young children being lost, abducted or abused by people most often than not have long been trusted by the family already. The site below shows a list of the said reports on child abuse and deaths all over the globe:

Let the children live free and safe.. Let us protect them from the harm that might befall them... Being constantly careful never hurts
Let the children live free and safe.. Let us protect them from the harm that might befall them... Being constantly careful never hurts

We as parents should never forget that our primary responsibility is to make sure of our children's safety and comfort. Besides all the financial support that we can give, no money can equate to the time and attention that we are giving them. Hence, sometimes, working two careers for the family need not be necessary if the family is just willing to adjust on their spending activities. Through making the family life simple, parents could focus on more important things while providing great importance to their role as the real guardians of their children.

Our children are gifts we should take care of. We should not let the pursuit of supposedly a financially liberated life blind us from the need of providing our children the right kind of protection that they need. If taking a second job on the part of both parents cannot be avoided, it is extremely necessary that the parents find a way to make sure that their children are watched by completely trustworthy individuals who can provide ample attention fit to manage the needs of their children. It never hurts to be sure.


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